Monday, July 28, 2014


Today is Independence day here in Peru, so we will have to see how that goes.
Alright, I'm excited to answer your questions. And save them in some place, because I may not remember in 5 months. The hardest thing that I have done on my mission would have to be... it could be a few different things, like, it what way? well, learning the language was a big one for me. It was very hard for me, but I speak well now. With lots of practice and study. The piano went well yesterday. Though I accidentally picked a song that the ward didnt know, so they didnt sing. I dont have extra time to practice, just during the prelude music is when I practice. Its a lot of sight reading and luck.
My companion is a hard hard worker, and I love it. We are currently trying to help the ward lift itself up. Its a very difficult, very small ward. We had 73 people in the church yesterday. Very small. There are lots of less actives in the ward, and we need to rescue them. We are in process of doing a Rescue Plan so that the members go to houses that are assigned to them to visit the people there. We are going to try and to that this coming Sunday. This ward has lots of potential, and I hope that we can help them reach their potential.
Well, I think thats about it for this week. I love you all very much, and wish you a good week.

Oh yeah, Hna Jenny didnt understand what you were talking about when you sent the message that I was turning 21 on the 22. She was confused, my birhtday is on the 21 or the 22? I started laughing, because I could see where she got off. Just because she doesnt understand english, and google translator didnt help much either. Hahaha. It was really funny. But she got the message that my birthday was on the 22. I had a great birthday last week! At 6:30 am, all of the sisters in my zone (4 companionships total) came to the apartment to wish me a happy birhtday. My companion had that all planned. Many people wished me happy birthday, Hna Jenny came, we ate, took pictures. We also had 6 lessons that day, which was awesome!  I am now 21, and feel a little old. Hahaha. The year 20 was a blast, and I think the year 21 is going to be another marking point in my life.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! The piano playing was pretty good, I decided to sit out for one of the songs because I really had no idea how to play it, and didnt want to make the singing worse. I repented of that while they were singing, and vowed to not sit out on the piano, and at LEAST play the top hand, a few of the notes at least. Because the singing was AWFUL. It was so sad. Very very sad, and bad. I will be playing for everything now. Hahaha.

Me and my companion share the same food likes. She is very sweet, and sometimes im sweet, so that is something in common, she loves animals, is not afraid of them. Desires to serve God and work extremely hard. A mutual desire to help the people here. Im sure there are more, I just cant think of them right now.

My leaders are great, I do get along with them quite well. They normally leave us alone, which I am fine with. Sometimes they come with us to do visits, which doesnt bother me either, because they just want to see how they can help us. Today, we are going to be making TACOS and watching a movie, im not sure which one yet. We are making tacos because we want to, and we have 2 real life mexicans in out zone (sisters) who are going to help us make real mexican tacos peruvian style (because Im sure there are some ingredients that we dont have here). So im excited to eat tacos.

The Peruvian Festival sounds awesome. I LOVE Picarones. I will be honest, the first few times, I was not too impressed with the sauce either, but you have to get used to its sweet/bitter taste, and it is delicious! I did know that the main ingredients were squash, but im still not sure how... I will have to figure out how to make them. But that makes me happy that they were able to make those in Utah, that means there is hope for me to make them there too! (I have recipes, but I am not familiar with all of the ingredients in español, I will have to look and translate some of the things). Are they going to do the peruvian festival again next year do you know?  That is funny about the drunk. Drunks can be pretty funny sometimes.

Wow! How time flies. I feel like we just started July, but now we are about to enter August. Im turning 21 (I feel so OLD!!!). I can definitely say that the defining year of my life that I have had until now, has been the year 20 of my life. That is where I changed, grew, and still growing right now. And I will never take that back, I dont even wish to take it back.

I love you so much mom, and hope that you have a great week.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather Whatcott


I am doing quite well here actually! I love my companion, and adjusting well to her and my new area. My area is very small. Very very small, but its good. Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the piano in sacrament meeting. First off, the member discovered that I play, and there is nobody in the ward that plays. Second, the way that they sing in sacrament meeting is TERRIBLE, it does not bring much of a spirit into the meeting. It was extremely bumpy playing the hymns, but I got through it without COMPLETELY slaughtering the hymns. And it was a little better than the congregation just singing. Its the worst that I have heard yet... so I think I have found myself a second calling. Hahaha. I just hope that my fingers can get used to playing again, and that I will improve. Because I think I can count on one hand how many times I have touched a piano since I have come to Peru. But I am glad to be able to help and serve the ward in this way.

Yes, it is extremely cold down here, but I am doing just fine. The cold really does just hurt the bones. Its the humidity that kills. There is no heating in the apartments (neither air conditioning) but for me its bearable. At least we have hot water. They take better care of the sisters than the elders (not by much but they do) so we are blessed to have hot water. I did buy a long sleeve shirt that is really comfortable and warm, and I absolutely LOVE it.

A Peruvian Independence Day festival in Utah? That sounds awesome! I wish I could go! Yes, independence day is the 28 of July. Now that I think of it, Independence Day here might be a really bad procyliting day... I am sure they celebrate with a lot of beer. But I will definitely let you know how they celebrate. Tell me what they do there if you do go.

Way to go Alex! I am so proud of you! Doing things that I was not able to do. He was always so good in school. Very smart kid.

I will take pictures of my Apartment of where I am now, its actually really nice. Or maybe that is me turning into a peruvian... uh oh. Hahaha.

Remember to always do your visiting teaching and home teaching, it really does help the members to know that they are thought of outside of the church.

Joshua 1:9

This part was sent to Heather's dad:

The new area is going. I do like to have transfers sometimes, because sometimes, if you have been in an area for awhile, it gets rough and frustrating. But with a new area you can see new ideas, new ways to help. And use the knowledge that you gained in other areas in your new area.

My head is filled with spanish right now. I almost feel tired, and spanish is flooding my head. So if I manage to go off in Spanglish, at least you will understand. Hahaha.

My new companion is awesome. I love her so much. She is so sweet and caring. She was a little serious when I got here, but I got her laughing, and she said she really enjoys that. That with her other companion they didnt really talk much, menos laughing. I am very content with my companion. I feel like she will help bring back out the sweet side in me, that I think I once had. Hahaha

Sounds like the boys are all off doing something fun and adventurous. Including you.

For p-days, im not sure. last week we went to a mall area that was fun, and we watched other missionaries play soccer (I just didnt want to play, because it was cold, and the elders sometimes play a little rough). Today we are going to have p-day libre, where we can go and do what we want. Mostly because we have room checks from presidents wife this week. Our room is basically clean, just needs a little light cleaning with the broom, mop, and we´re good! But the elders have to do a little more scrubbing I think....

So today we are going to go and buy food. We are in charge of our own food for breakfast and dinner everyday, and we eat with the members for lunch. I am just about completely out of food, and need to buy more. We are also going to pass a little more time in the market, see what there is to see (because you can find some pretty cool and cheap stuff there) and maybe take a nap in the apartment when we get back. It should be a relaxing day. I think I might buy some ice cream. I still have more ganas a comer helados en invierno que verano. When did you come back from your mission? in what month? I am really nervous that the climate is going to hit me hard. Yes, that it is dry, but I am going from 90 degree weather to 30 degree weather. AH!!!! I will be coming prepared.... hahaha.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


Well, I am now in the Stake of Comas, in the ward of Libertadores. I am about 15 minutes (maximum) from my old area. Right next door you could say. My new companion is GREAT I love her so much, her name is Hermana S. She just recently finished her 12 weeks in the field. She is from Piura, Peru, but her family is currently living in Trujillo, Peru. She is 21 years old, and will turn 22 in October I believe. She is very calm, and very sweet. I dont think she laughed very much with her previous companion, but Im fixing that. Hahaha. My last companion and I laughed ALL THE TIME. And its good to laugh and enjoy yourself too. I am greatly enjoying myself here, and getting a little wigged out at how close I am to finish. I almost dont want to go back...

Oh, we did have a baptism this past week in my old area that I was able to go to, I will try and send pictures next week If I cant send it right now.

I am doing quite well here. I get lots of compliments on my spanish, and that I pronounce the words really well. I am happy about that, but then I get a little frustrated when some people dont understand me. But thats ok.

I think we are going to eat at Chiles today. It will be my first time eating there while I have been here, and the 2nd time in my life. Haha. I am excited. Food that I like and want!

I have 4 transfers left, and that is including this one. I cant believe where the time has gone. I do know that the mission has definitely changed my life, dramatically. And in a very good way. And now I have lots of friends in lots of different countries as well, which is even more awesome!

Have an awesome week, I love you so much. Hugs and kisses to all, especially you mom!

Love Always and Forever, 5 fast sundays pending...

Hermana Heather


As the heat rises up there, we are cooling off quite a bit. And with the humidity, a little more so. A lot of the time you dont even realize the world cup is going on, but I am trying to keep up with it today. USA is going to play today! I forgot against who, but I hope we win! Did you watch the game with Brazil and Chile? It was so intense! Did you know that Brazil has one of the BEST goalies in the world? He is huge too! We have been successful in the baptism part, but not so much in the marriage department. There are a few more issues that we have run into with the documents of the couple that we are helping, but we are closer than we were a month ago, so we are progressing. At least like a turtle, but they say he won the race, right?

People STILL treat me and call me GRINGA. It gets a little annoying, but I have learned just to laugh it off. At least I know Im pretty and that my eyes are BEAUTIFUL. Hahaha. Maybe my ego has grown a little bit here... lol. It may or may not be transfer week for me. I have no Idea what is going to happen, because whatever thing could happen here. We are usually with our companions for 2 transfers, meaning about 4 transfers in one area. I have been in this area for 3 transfers, and 2 transfers with my companion. So I think it is more like flipping a coin here. When we do transfers, we meet as a zone to learn who is getting transfered, and then the next day (tuesday) the people who are getting transfers (and their companions) go to the mission office, and thats where they tell us where we are going, and with who. I dont really think there is a mission home here. There is a church that has the offices to the mission there, here in our mission. The mission president and his wife live outside of the mission, a little far away.

We had a conference with Dallin H Oaks. It was AWESOME. His wife is awesome, he is funny, and it is so cool and awesome to meet general authorities. I learned a lot, and loved loved loved it.

I am doing well here, im still going here. I am absolutely broke right now, and in desperate need to take money out of my account, but it is so hard to find time to do it. But now that I am desperate, I think that I will have to make time to do it. And if we have transfers, we are going to need money to get to the mission offices. Hahaha.

Have an awesome week!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


Im doing well here, im not dead yet! But I only have 6 months to live... hahaha :) Thats what we call it. When you go home from the mission, you die. I just hope that I dont have a sad death. Meaning that I just stop working. I may or may not have seen the last part of the the game with USA and Portugal... THE LAST 5 SECONDS OF OVERTIME!!! We werent very happy...I could just imagine you screaming, and everyone else as well.

My tummy is doing alright this week, as long as I make sure to eat. I am pretty sure that I eat as much as I did as when I first started. Which is a LOT. You would die if you saw how much food we eat. Yesterday, the sister mounded a round plate full of rice, and then a little bit of other things. I wanted to die. I didnt finish it. Lately I tend not to finish if it is a lot, because it hurts me. The thing is, you have to be careful when you do that, because they get offended here if you dont eat everything that they give you. Im just grateful that Im not in the jungle, because I hear that they serve more, and if you dont eat it all, they never invite you to their house again...

This week we are going to see two baptisms, and a possible wedding with a possible two more baptisms! That would be 4 in total. Pray that the papers are all ok, and that we can get them in and get this baptism wrapped up nice and tight.

I have completed a year! Wow, how time flies. I remember so many things like they were yesterday. I remember how slow the time started out. I imagine it as a train, starting out slow, and then it slowly works up until it reaches full spead. I will be home before we know it.

Love you all!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


I am close to my one year anniversary, how strange! I even gave a talk on Fathers Day! That was kind of interesting. Transfers will be coming up the first week of july. the 1st of July. Im really not sure if i am going or if i am staying.

Something fun that happened a few weeks ago that I forgot to mention, is that my camera got stolen out of my backpack when we were in the bus. I was so sad, because I hadnt copied the pictures to anywhere. I dont care so much about the camera as the pictures. So I am back to pops camera, which I think I fixed the dying battery problem as well.... hahaha. But I am glad that I had sent you all pictures of a lot of things. I tried to send you a few everytime I took some. So that was a little downer for me, but im ok.

I am doing well here. I think I may getting a little sick, but I am doing everything that I can to not get worse. To prevent it from getting worse. I will be completing a year, and I am thinking much about where I was, and where I am now. I would have never guessed that that is where I am now, so different, but so well. I am grateful for this experience that I have had, and that I am having. Thank you for everyone who has and is supporting me. It has helped me a lot. 6 months to go! 4 transfers left... now that is short.

Thank you, I love you all!

Love Always and Forever,

Hermana Heather


Last week was a nice change of pace to do something, but it was a LONG journey to Ecuador. I think I could get used to plane rides to be honest. I was a lot calmer than normal...I think. It was rather fun. I remember a year ago, I said I was not going to get on another airplane until I go home, because I dont like them (maybe I was referring more to the plane ride from california to peru) but it was a LONG ride, a VERY LONG ride.

Lets see, this week I realized a few things about myself. So a few weeks ago my district leader asked me if I felt like I was becoming more like Christ. I said, "sure, why not? I dont know." But this week, I started thinking about the things I have been learning, about being diligent, even when times are rough, to have faith, because there is nothing else you can do about things, to trust completely in God, and to have pacience. Not with other people necesarily, but with yourself. To not get irritated when things dont go your way. Because that is what patience is, to be able to support what comes, and not get easily mad, or frustrated. I have learned how to control those feelings, and that I feel better when I have patience. Though sometimes, lets be honest, I dont want to be patient.

See the good in everything, enjoy every day that you have, because you live it only once. And if you make a mistake: learn from it, but dont let it get you down, because there is nothing that you can do about it but move on.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


Well, it has been a WEEK. Yesterday, about 15 of us illegals took a little trip to Ecuador. To leave the country, and then go back in. It was really fun. We took a plane to Tumbes, and then crossed in a bus. Got everything done, entered Peru again without a problem, and then spent some time goofing around and shopping. It was really hot and humid there in Tumbes, and there was GREEN. Lots of GREEN! we enjoyed ourselves immensely. So that is why I was not able to write yesterday. But I supposed you all might be used to me not writing a whole lot on mondays anyways now a days...

Something really cool happened last week. I wont be able to tell the whole story because it is long, and lots of description is required. So we were having our little chat with the investigator who wasnt taking out time seriously, and we were getting close to finishing, when a young man approached us (we were teaching on the porch) and asked if there was an open church nearby, that he needed to talk to someone. We were around the corner of the church, and we said that we represent the church around the corner. He didnt know, he just wanted a direction to look for a church. We asked for 5 seconds to finish our conversation with the investigator. After, we went to talk with the young man, called Jacob (that name is not common here) and we asked how could we help him. He said that his story is long, and if we had time. We decided to stat for a members house because it was late at night and cold. But we normally dont do that either. We started up, and he started to tell us things. That his heart was in turmoil, and had been for a long time. Said that he has tried to commit suicide many times, but not successful, for many reasons. Said that he had been praying, praying to find someone, to know God. And that if he didnt, that same night, would really end his life. (that part he told us the next day). We learned (when we were in the house of the member) that he lives in the street, he doesnt have a home, doesnt have family. His parents passed away years ago, and he has NO IDEA where any of his siblings are. He was put in an orphanage when he was 6 years old, and when he was 15 he left. He was robbed of everything he owned about 2-3 weeks ago. He came walking from a province up north, and doesnt sleep during the night, just walks. The next day when we went to visit him, he said that during the night, he gave everything to God, all of the pain in his heart and soul to God. He looked more peaceful. He was able to experience the atonement of Jesus Christ. The member where we had taken him to teach, let him sleep in their house, and are helping him find work. He is spending a lot of time with the brother of the member, and the family loves him. He has a family here now, and he is going to be baptized the 21 of June.

Thats a little miracle that we are living here in Peru right now. One day I will be able to tell you more and more extensively about this young man. Oh, I forgot to tell you, his birthday was this past tuesday, the day after we met him.

I am still changing. I guess I could say that I am a miracle as well. I am learning how to put all of my trust in the Lord, and that everything will work out. I would like to share a few scriptures, for the family. The first is in D&C 123:17. And the other is in D&C 58:1-4. These are scriptures that an elder shared with me yesterday, and it is something that is helping me a lot at this time, and I am sure that it can help you guys as well. Remember to put your trust in God, he has a plan for each and everyone one of you. Although you may not see the blessings now, or it appears that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, put your hand in Gods, and he will lead you through the darkness.

I cant believe there are only 6 fast sundays left... wow. Time flies, its true. Sometimes I want it to go by faster, but sometimes I want it to go by slower, but im content at the speed we are going.

Thank you for all of your support, I appreciate it a lot, it is well needed here!

Love you so very much!
Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


Happy Memorial Day Mom! and family!

Last week was awful. Lets be honest. 17 lessons (when normal we have at LEAST more than 20 per week, an investigador just LOVES to waste our time, didnt show up to his baptism interview thursday, we got him out of his house friday to do it, with the baptism prepped for him, and he decided he didnt want to come out of his house. He is always lying to us (the past week) and keeps asking for money. A returned missionary who served in this area (she returned to live here in peru) said the same thing happened with her and her companion, and also other companionships. The EXACT same thing. So me and my companion arent going to let this happen again to others, and we are going to  have a little "chat" with him when we find him.... So im tired, ready for my p-day, and to at least relax a little bit.

We dont need mosquito nettings around our beds, I think that is more for Iquitos. I have taken one picture of a little critter, but just a cocroach and her egg, Before I sprayed raid on them....hehehe

Im hanging in here, and trying to focus as best as I can, but im getting closer to the year mark everyday! You wouldnt believe how much the mission has changed me, how different I am. I feel confident in myself, so confident, and I am learning so much about the gospel.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


I am still alive, and a little bit stressed out with everything that is happening, and just in general. We havent really had a day in the past three weeks to just kick up our feet and relax, so I need to find a way to help myself out in this one. The soccer tournament last week was fun, I think. We went there after the hospital, but just to chat with our friends. Hey, I found an old friend from jr high/high school there! She has been in the field for 6 weeks, and is from lehi! her name is Whitney T. It was so weird to see her, but I recognized her immediately, and her me as well. It was really neat.

No more spraining of the ankles! Sometimes, I tweak it a little, but Im very careful with how I am stepping in general.

We have a baptism coming up this week, for a man who is about 50 years old, and trying to find money to have surgury on his eye, because he cant see at all in one eye. He was listening to the missionaries a few years ago, but never got baptized. But he is now! And we are starting to teach is son too, who is about 18 years old.

Hna Pin is doing well, she is absolutely CRAZY now that she is basically better. She is always cracking herself up, and I tend to laugh with her. I have seen her testimony grow a lot in the past 6 weeks. She was in a dark place for awhile, with things that had happened in her house. She completed 6 months in the mission today! And yesterday, I completed 11 months in the mission!  I cant believe where the time has gone, and how much I have learned. And I still have 6 months to keep learning.

I am grateful for the mission, and the change is has put into my life. I have learned so much about life, and about God. God loves each and every one of us, and gives us trials not to punish us, but to help us progress. Because that is our purpose in life, to progress and learn, and be like God.

I love each and every one of you, and hope that you all have a fabulous week.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Finally I am able to write you. It has been a hard week. One of my companions has been really sick, so we finally were able to get her to the hospital. She didnt stay over night, but she is doing a LITTLE bit better. They said she has an infection in her intestines, but we wont know how bad it is or anything until next week, when the final results come in. I did get my package, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I saw the cookies first, and got super excited. My companion Hna O* was SO HAPPY to have an english hymn book. Thank you bunches and bunches.

Ive used the dazer once or twice. But where we are the dogs arent really aggressive. There are a few that will follow us around our area, just wanting to be petted, they are so funny. and BIG. One I tried to hide from a few weeks ago, and when he found me, he JUMPED at me, so happy to see me. I saw all four of his feet in the air and screamed, half laughing, and was able to move out of the way before he plastered me to the ground. But that sounds like a scary experience that happened.

Im doing ok, my stomach has been hurting me a little more than normal the past few days, and sometimes it causes my throat to feel like it is burning, and then after a bit it goes away. I am almost convinced that all of the medical problems that I feel my body is going through, will all disappear when I come home. But if it doesnt, maybe it will be fun and we will find out what is happening in my poor stomach! Hahahahahaha.

I love you so very much, and sorry about the delay.

Love Always,

Hermana Heather


I am still here in the same area, with my companion Hna Osinaga still, AND a third companion, Hna Pin! Shes from Ecuador, guayaquil. Apparently she is only going to be with us for two or three weeks, until her companion comes? We have no idea whats going on, and didnt know that we would have her until last tuesday at about noon, when the offices called us and told us that we had to go pick her up right then, and sorry for the late notice. Hna Pin has been in the mission for about 5 months, more or less. She is fun. She is very short, but dont be decieved by that, she is dangerous... hahaha. She did motocross before the mission, thats CRAZY! but really cool.

Yeah, Im tall and a little big compared to other people here.... im considered tall. Its weird.

One thing that i am learning a little bit here is how to eat, more or less. I dont know if I am dropping weight so fast because of the way I am eating, or if its another source. But we eat breakfast (normal) a BIG lunch, and then just something small, if anything, at dinner. I shouldnt tell you what we eat, because its BAD. Pure, Carbs. Almost a least. That is something I will DEFINITELY be changing in my eating when I get back.

Im doing well besides. We started meeting with an investigator who has a REALLY BAD drinking problem, and had him sober for about 3-4 days, meeting with him twice a day. He disappeared though, and we havent been able to find him for about two, three days. We want to help him, but its hard when he falls back into drinking.

Well, I think that is it for today. Oh! We are going to go to the temple this week, finally!! I have been trying to go for the past six months, but something always happens. I might use my card in the distribution center. We are going on wedneday. Or I might try and take it out before. So between today and wednesday I might be taking out money, just so you know. If I dont, dont you worry about it.

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


We not only attended the wedding, we helped set up and arrange the wedding. I did the bouquet, very stylish. I dont think I want to plan my own wedding. We didnt do a whole lot, but I felt a little stressed out, hahaha. I am still with my same companion. And I hope I will be with her for the next 6 weeks too. Transfers are this week, so we will have to see how things go. With all the missionaries from venezuela, and then new people coming in, anything could happen. Normally we have about 2 transfers together, or three months (same amount of time), I just hope it happens for this transfer. In the wedding, two of the sisters in the pictures, on the two ends, the two north americans, were the sisters who started teaching the family a few months ago, and the had permission to go to the wedding.  I am enjoying the mission, and starting to get a LITTLE anxiety about coming home, and starting my life, but im not thinking a whole lot about it, just batting ideas around in my head in what i want to do when I get back. But I dont feel ready to ask God about what I should do yet. Im just going to keep focusing on my mission, and when the time is closer, I will ask then.

We enjoyed conference this weekend in the church. A little trunkie with this, because I was remembering what we do at home, and we dont get dressed up and go to church these days. Hahaha. And I miss going to grandma and grandpas house after. Thats ok though, im only in peru on a mission for a short time. We are downloading the conference so that we can watch/listen to it in the house :)

Yey! Thank you mom for the package, it will be well recieved :) Im sure it will get to me quickly enough, they dont like to keep the packages in the office for very long.

Well, we almost had a baptism yesterday, but something happened to where it is now rescheduled for next sunday, so pray that it comes! Its for Victoria Palacios. And pray that Hna Karen (who got married this week) will accept a baptism date for this month. She is having some doubts, and doesnt want to ask God DIRECTLY that she should be baptized. It will be a fight. And also that the birth certificates for an older couple we are teaching comes quickly, so we can get them married and baptized.

I loved the parts in conference about obedience, and that knowingly disobeying God means you love satan more than God. Remember, the "power of general conference happens when conference is over" I think president Monson said this in the last conference. and its true. The power is when we apply what we have learned.

I love you so much mom!! Talk to you next week!!

Hermana Heather


We are almost in April! It seems like we just recently started march, pero bueno! Sounds like the bishopbric will get a nice start.

Home teachers?? what are those??? hahaha, I think I had more visits from my home teachers in the singles ward.... but that is good that they are stopping by! That is their job, and I can testify that we need to do our home teaching and visiting teaching, because it too is missionary work. We are helping the people in our ward grow their testimony, and we can find out if they need help or not. Because people dont always like to ask. It really helps the members stay strong and active in the church. And they know that someone is looking out for them.

This week we had a baptism! Ok, it wasnt in this ward that I am in now, but in my other. Hna Lydia. I was working with her since we got to Magnolias 6 months ago. She ended up choosing her own baptism date with permission of Pres Erickson, and it ended up being March 28. So a few weeks ago I asked permission to go, and I got to go to her baptism!!!! I was so happy to see her baptized, it was awesome. The elder there too, Elder Morales-Bac, was who introduced her to us 6 months ago. He is an assistant to the president now, but he got to go too. He said that she reminds him a LOT of his mom, name, personality, everything. He was so happy to see this baptism too.

We found an old couple this week who we need to get ready to be married, and then baptize them. They are really willing to do everything we ask, and they even went to church yesterday! Alberto has 81 years, and Olga has 78 years. We just need to get everything ready, and get them in the water! We are going to try to teach more of their family, and see where that goes.

Hahaha, I hope she liked her birthday card then! It would have confused them no matter if I put her name on it or no. Hahahahaha!

Thank you so much for the quotes!! I like them a lot.

And one more thing..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a super duper happy birthday!!!

I love you all so much, and thank you for everything!!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

Monday, March 24, 2014


We dont do a lot of service here. Like nothing. Its kind of sad. Yup! We had a conference with an area 70. He was awesome, and it was really good.

This week was rather uneventful. Oh, we received lots of missionaries from Venezuela this week. They took out ALL of the foreign missionaries and reassigned them all. I dont know much, but I think bad (worse than normal) things are happening over there. We are going to plan a wedding!! Not really, the sister is going to plan, and we are going to help. The requirements here to get married are so weird! But then again, I have no idea what you have to do to get married in utah. They are going to get married April 5. Its is a part member family. The kids and the husband are members, and she isnt. Her husband was less active, and we are reactivating him, and then we are going to baptize his wife :)

The work is going this week, we had 26 lessons! Still under the goal that we have had put on all of us, but its better! We had a few challenges this week trying to get some papers filled out to get some people married, and we took basically a whole day to do so. They said some papers were wrong, but when we got to get them arranged, they said that the papers were fine. We went back, they didnt receive us because it was closed, went the next day, and they said, "oh, it looks like they are fine, but now you cant have the marriage date you want." I was a little upset, more so because the zone leaders were TICKED that we couldnt get the marriage date for the 29 of March to have the baptism for this month. We have it for the week after, April 5. They yelled at us, and I wanted to cry. But they never said anything to us in person. Im not too fond of this zone because of the leaders. They want pure numbers. And they dont listen to us. They dont seem to understand that every area is different. It gets me down a little bit, but I remind myself that I am working for the Lord, not my leaders, and it helps me refocus myself.

I think when I get back we will have to do some exercising. I dont do a whole lot here, mostly because we are walking all of the time, and if we dont shower right when we get up at 6:30, its less probable that we are going to have water to shower with. Hahaha. The joys of having water for a limited time, its quite adventurous. Oooh, and we have COCKROACHES. Quite a few, and we have watched a few births of cockroaches. It looks painful. So we put them out of their misery with cockroach spray. Im ok with the bugs when they are on their backs, and feel a little bad when I kill them, because they cant do anything, and look like they are trying all they can do to save their lives. BUT.....when they are on their feet and running, I scream a little bit, and my companion laughs, saying that it sounds like I had seen a ghost. hehehe..... still my mothers daughter...

Well, I think that is it for today! I love you all so much, and have a great week!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hna Jenny is really funny, and she wont be offended at anything you say, maybe a little confused, but not offended. Hahaha. I have read some of your comments, and I find them funny, and sometimes I can tell when you are using google translator. I must say it works pretty well. She absolutely LOVES talking to you, and says its really fun. She LOVES taking pictures and videos. I think you will receive more from her than you will from me, hahaha.   She would LOVE a jar of peanut butter. I was thinking about asking you for a few mini hymn books in english. My companion LOVES english, and really wants one, even just a little one. So if you could send like 2 or 3 or 4, that would be nice. And I can give a few to others in my journey who really want the hymn books. And I think I might like one too....hahaha. But she really wants a hymn book in english.

Thanks for the compliment! I guess I am more confident here, and generally happy, lol. The past week I have been more tired than normal, and then last night and today I started to feel sick, so I think my body is going to take a little more of a beating before it gets better. We will have to see... :/

The cooking for ourselves??? I dont like it too much, just because we only have a little tiny crockpot. Though I got desperate last week, and I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with it. More or less. I really just wanted the cheese to melt in between the bread, and it was good! The first grilled cheese sandwich in a long time...   I have thought a little bit about arch supports, but I am not sure exactly if they exist here. I may go looking for some today, and see how much they cost.

I am so close to the halfway point, and sometimes I feel like I have a short time, and others, I feel like coming home is so far away! But I am pushing, and sometimes, that is all I have to do.

I was thinking the other day, one of the first things that I want to do when I get home, even if it just after I get off the plane, is that I want to see the lights at temple square. More that I want to see the temple... :)   Because in the course of my mission, I have grown to love the picture of the salt lake temple. It has become a symbol of home.

Stay strong in the faith. Read your scriptures. Do everything you can to become closer to God, and he will help you in everything that you need.

I love you so much, and pray for you everyday. Stay strong!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

Monday, March 10, 2014


This area is very different, there are very many new challenges that I am facing, My body hurts a lot, and I am always tired. My feet hurt in one specific spot on both, in my arches. But I am still kicking. I am kicking to make it to the halfway mark in 9 days (WHAT?!?!?!) and then shortly after, the year mark, and then I will basically be home! I am on the other side of the mountain from Magnolias, going west. Sometimes we can see the ocean from where we are. It is about... probably 2 hours from my other area, and I am a lot closer to where my first area was, Santa Isabel, I think it is about 20 minutes up from where we are (I have no idea what is north or south, and I dont think I will ever figure it out). We actually dont have a pensionista, we provide our own food. We are given more money to do so. And I have no idea who washes our clothes, the entire zone brings their clothes every week to the leaders, and then we receive it on friday. I dont know what happens to the clothes, but they come back clean :)
I was not aware of Hna Jenny BEFORE this area, but she was aware of me. She knows EVERYTHING about ALL of the missionaries who have passed through her ward, and who is to come, and where they are now. She LOVES talking to the parents of the missionaries. She is like our mom, if we need anything, we just go to her. Hahaha.

We help marry people because that is one of the commandments that NOBODY keeps down here. But only for those who are going to be baptized. Almost no one is married here, they just live together and have kids. It doesnt matter, its not a big thing down here to be married. But if they are not married, we cant baptize. And the requirements for marriage are difficult, although I am not quite sure what are the requirements, and what documents they need, but they dont have them and have to search for them.

The weeks are going by fast, but sometimes I feel like I am never going to leave, but I also feel like many of the experiences I have had happened just yesterday. So I can just hope a little that the time keeps going by fast.

We just provide our own food for breakfast and dinner. We have a crockpot in which we heat water for chocolate milk, or tea. We have a fridge where we have fruit and other things. And we buy bread once or twice a week. Thats what we normally eat. :)

I love you all so much, and am so grateful to have all of your support, good luck with everything!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


How did you all know that I had transfers?... or was it just a guess. Hahaha. I did get transferred, to the zone Carabayllo, on the other side of the mountains from my other zone. I was content leaving my other area. I love my other area so much, and was sad leaving of course, and I cried, but I knew it was my time to go. I could feel it a few weeks ago. My new area has hills, and is a little bigger than my zone in  Magnolias. But its good. I dont know my area well at all, neither the investigators or members. But in a few weeks I should have the hang of it. I have plans to take more pictures in this zone. I forgot my cord today, so I will have to send some next week. Normally I have the cord with the camera, but for whatever reason I took it out. Oh well. My new companion is from Bolivia, and has 3 months in the mission. She is AWESOME. She is a little spontaneous, and has a strong testimony, and likes to talk. But I love her, and I think we are going to get along really well.  In this transfer, I am going to learn how to have fun, be a little more spontaneous, and how to help people with their problems, and how to marry people (or try to at least.) New apartment?? Really nice, apart from we dont have running water from 8:30 am until 11:00 pm. And we have to pour a bucket of water in the toilet to "flush." That part I missed in the email to mom, I think she would be very interested in that part. I will have to take a picture. Our apartment is a LOT cooler than my other apartment. Its nice, has tile floors. Oh, and cockroaches. Not many, but we find at least 5  week. I am more for the screaming or freaking out, my companion is ok with killing and disposing of them. hahaha.... but I do prefer the cockroaches over the spiders. So I am counting my blessings. :D

Oh man, 9 fast sundays to go! That is so short! I dont have many transfers either... I have about.....6 transfers left I think, maybe five. (A transfer is every 6 weeks, and they go by flying). I am hanging in here. I am not going home until december. I am working hard to change the lives of the people here for the better. That is my goal. I never really liked to have a "baptism goal" for the mission, just because I would rather convert the people, and change the people, than try to baptize them. Because I know they have progressed, when they realize that to change, they need this baptism, they can be changed forever.

Something interesting about this area, I am realizing that people have problems, real life problems. There is one man named Antonio, who we are teaching, and he is a drunk. He has accepted that he has a problem and that he wants to change, but he cant stop drinking. As of now, I have not seen him without alcohol in his system. And just so you all know, the smell of alcohol in the breath of someone is not the best smell. It smells awful.

Pray for my investigators, they really need it, they need so much help to change and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you so much, and thank you for everything!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


Yup, today we find out the transfers. And you are correct, we will not know until after internet. I havent had to use the doggie dazer much, for which I am grateful, but the times I have used, have more or less worked.

Things are good for us, and we will see in a short while if we are still companions. Hahaha.

Oh! We had our baptism on thursday, and everyhing went! It was a very stressful day, but we got through it, got him confirmed and everything, because this sunday it was his turn to work. We did it! Our first baptism as a companionship, and the first in three months. YEY! I am sending a picture of our baptism, and a few other photos too. They are currently charging.

Love Always

Hermana Heather


We are enjoying our p days a little more. Last week was AWESOME! It was just me and my companion, and we did a little shopping, and then we went back home, took a nap, left a little early to eat, and got a head start on our evening teaching. It was AWESOME.

We have a baptism this saturday!!! Finally!! Its this kid that has wanted to be baptized from the moment we got in contact with him back in november. he has a friend who is lds, and he has read liahonas, watched mormon messages, the works. He has even been asking how/when he can serve a mission. My district leader gave him the pre interview, and when he came out, he looked a little dazed, saying, hes good to go, and....he wants to serve a mission.... it was really funny, because my district leader is a funny guy from vegas, and hardly nothing can faze him. hahahaha

Transfers are next week too!! :/ I almost think I am going to go, because i have been here for awhile. But my zone leaders keep saying that I am going to stay and my companion is going to go. I dont know, I like my area, so I am content staying here.

Thank you so much for everything, I love you all so much!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Mall shopping was fun. We didnt end up eating at chilies because the power decided to go out, so we just ate at some fast food place that ive never heard of and dont remember. I did end up buying a new camera, and I love it. I decided to go more with the features than how well it takes shots, but it takes some really good pictures. It has two screens, one in the front, and one in the back. To take pictures of yourself, or when you put the timer on to take pictures, it counts down the numbers. Another elder that I know has it, and that was what I was mostly looking for. And I found it. So Im happy. Its better than buying batteries every other usage. The other camera just needs some good batteries. Ive been using duracel batteries. I love the other camera... but...yeah. Battery life is the issue.

I bought a few tourist items in the mall area, so that was fun. I am just going to be buying things throughout my mission, so at the end, I will have accumulated various items, and share them with you all. I bought a really cool bag, it is kind of hard, not so much flimsy fabric. Its different, but cool.

We havent had any progress wtih the 20 year old at the park. We cant seem to get ahold of her. She doesnt have a cell phone, and I know she is trying to find work and is studying. Its hard to find her.

My pushups are going. More or less. I can kind of do one. But its getting there. Sometimes I forget to do them...but im better. Hahaha. Everytime I forget, my companion hears something along the lines of, "I forgot to do my pushup! My brother is going to kill me...." hahaha.

The work this week was very tiring. Emotionally and physically to be honest. And sometimes it is really hard to keep up my energy. My companion helps me keep up my excitement to keep working. I am very grateful for her.

Today, me and my companion are going to go to a mercado (market, I think) and a supermarket too. We have discovered pringles, and are addicted! Like, discovered them down here. She had never had them before, but I have always loved them. And there is one, thats spicy, that is REALLY good. I am starting to like the spicy foods a little. Not REALLY spicy, but a little kick is really good, and depends on the flavor too. haha

My spanish is getting there. I am trying to study the spanish book that I have, but I hate it. But I have to. I need to learn more, and how to speak correctly.
I didnt notice that I put spanish things in my emails, hahaha. Sometimes when I am speaking spanish, I insert little english words. Its something I started doing recently. My brain is starting to mix the two languages a little bit.

Thank you so much for the quotes mom, I really like them. A lot.

I hope you all have a good week this week, I love you so much!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


I hope all is well with you guys. We are on internet a little earlier than normal because we are going ot be traveling a bit today for our pday. We are going to go to chilies, which is in a mall of sorts. I have never been there, but I know more or less where it is. Which is an hour and a half away in bus. But thats ok, Im excited to do something a little different than just soccer. At least for one week. Especially because it is so hot here.

Oh, we had a pretty neat experience this week. So my companion got one of her wisdom teeth out this week, and we had to do diviions. My district leader found some sisters in his ward to help us out, but they could only be with us until about 6 pm, so we were about to go back to the house/my companion, when the cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was a woman. She explained to me that we contacted her in the park last week, and that she had been crying when we went up to talk to her and give her a pamphlet of which we left our number on the back (which we NEVER do, just cause I dont like everyone to have it). She said that she read the pamphlet and wanted to talk to us more, and that she had free time. I was so GITTY and EXCITED for that phone call, I was basically jumping up in the air for joy and shaking I was so happy at what had just happened. So we went and met up with her and taught her a lesson. She is about 20 years old, and has various problems i her life, and I am so excited to teach her more. I hope that next week she will be able to go to church with us.

Oh, another note. We got a bishop!!! They finally called a bishop/new bishopbric to our ward last week. It was well needed, and I am excited to work with him (and the other two companionships in our ward).

How is everybody doing? Any big news for anybody?? How is the cold weather??

I love you so much, have a great week!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


I guess carnival didnt start this week. I think it might start this week or next. Everyone says something different. It will last the entire month of February. Its a time when everyone is getting everyone wet. I did hear they respect the people of the church more. I just dont want my scriptures to get wet. :P

Hna P* is surviving. She doesnt eat much, and always has a little bit of a fever, but not enough to count as one. If that makes sense. She is on stronger medications now. She went to another doctor (I think american) last week, and they did verify that it is a kidney infection. The president and his wife know, so now we are just waiting to see if she gets any better. She honestly doesnt eat a whole lot, and im not sure if she is still throwing up or not. I dont really know, just cause im not with her all the time.

Hna I* is my companion. She is doing well, but this week we are taking her wisdom teeth out. Two of the three she has are coming in, and we just need to take all three of them out. From what we know, we are SUPPOSED to get them out tomorrow, but that could change. We will have to wait and see.

A few of the baptism dates fell, but we have 2 that are still scheduled for the 8th of Feb. We cannot get ahold of Victor to save our lives. He hasnt gone to church in the past month and a half, because he is working a lot and is extremely tired. I havent seen him since my new companion got here at the start of December. Im frustrated and really worried about him. But we have no way to get in good contact with him, because his wife cant either. We stopped teaching his wife though. She just wasnt progressing, and didnt really have a desire to, especially because her husband isnt doing what he should do.

I am doing well, more or less. I got a little sick last wednesday with my stomach, it just hurt really bad (if I dont have to expel anything from my stomach, I wont) and I think I was more dehydrated than normal, which didnt help anything. So I drunk various drinks and salty things, and went to bed early after sleeping all day. The past few days I have been getting headaches, and last night it was more behind my eyes. Its weirder than normal, but I will see how it goes, and if it continues or gets worse or better. Maybe I will need to get glasses. Apart from all that, I am doing pretty well! My health has been stable, for which I am really grateful, and that we can keep working. The work is EXTREMELY tiring, but its good.

I am so glad to know that there are many people behind me, and supporting me. My family, my friends, and the ward. Thank you for everything that you all do. Your prayers are appreciated in Perú, and for all the missionaries and people in the world.

Have a good week, I love you all!!

Love Always, and Love from Perú,
Hermana Heather

Monday, January 20, 2014


I am still in Magnolia (my ward) with my companion. One of the other Hnas got transfered, Hna W*, to open another area and train.

I kind of wish it was colder here. It is blistering hot. And the climate keeps changing too. Really hot for a few days, and then it cools down significantly. But we havent even hit the peak of the heat yet. And there is something coming up called "carnival" which apparently is a time when everyone is getting everyone else wet. With water, painted water, cold stuff. Im not quite sure, but it should be interesting. I think it starts this week. Its a relatively big thing in south america.

I have heard that Frozen is better than Tangled, which I didnt think was possible, because Tangled was pretty darn good! Let me know how it goes!

We are doing generally good, we need to get one of my companions wisdom teeth pulled in the next week or two, we just dont know when. It has really been bothering her. But she couldnt get them out before her mission because she had braces right up until she left.

We put two baptismal dates on people this week, for which I am really happy and excited, now we just have to keep that excitement going. Haha. We have them for the 8th of February.

Well, not much more to report I think. We got a new zone leader, and another set of missionaries in my ward, so now there are three companionships. Im not sure how to take the new zone leader. He is a Chilean, (from Chile, from Santiago) and his personality is pretty strong, lots of energy. I havent quite figured him out yet, but we´ve got time. So yeah.

I love you all so much, have an awesome week!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

Monday, January 13, 2014


Its sounds like things are winding down in one area, but starting up in others.

Transfers are today/tomorrow. Find out today, leave tomorrow. We dont know yet. The zone leaders are keeping it secret right now, twerps... hahaha. The one thing that they told us. is that Elder G* (one of the zone leaders) is going home!!! Except we all know that, for the past transfer. Hahaha. Hes funny, I really am going to miss him. i think he is the best friend that I made here on the mission. He leaves for Mexico tomorrow, at 10:37 in the morning. But he is leaving the area here tonight, so that he can get to the airport early tomorrow.

Not much has been happening. My companion is doing well, and we are learning a lot together, and we are pretty close, we have a good unity.

We have a promising investigator that we are going to visit this week. I think we will be able to finally put a baptismal date on someone. FINALLY! Its very hard and depressing when we cant do that. But we are trying, and working hard. We just have to remember that it is the choice of the people, and we cant dictate what they do. Good investigator or no.

Thank you for everything and your support!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

Monday, January 6, 2014


New Years was fun. We were out long enough to see the fireworks, and then split up to our apartments. We were with all of the zone. The fireworks here are SO COOL! I didnt really believe the people when they said that there were lots of fireworks. But man!! It was so cool!!! The whole are here was lit up in fireworks!! That was about it, to be honest. I do miss a little the martinellis and 7 layer dip, but I will most likely have it next year, so im not too worried about it. Lol.

We are getting along with the living arrangements. Transfers are next week. Our zone leader is leaving for home next week, which I am really sad about, because he is a really good friend. But I am also a little scared as for who we are going to get for our new zone leader... the options that we have arent the best, but we will know next monday.

Thank you for your words of support, I dont give myself much credit as a missionary. We have lots of difficulties, and a lot of it is that no one wants to go to church, because it is far away, and soon we are going to have our bigger chapel closer, and they are all saying "when it is opened here, we will go". We cant FORCE them to go, but we need to change our tactic on this. Thank you so much mom, it means a lot to me. I love you all so much!!! Stay safe!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


I was very happy to see you guys, the boys are growing fast. Like weeds. I took various photos and video during the call. So I am content with it all. I wasnt that trunkie after to be honest. Yeah, sad that we had to end it, but after a few minutes, I was fine. And then Elder G* talked to his family. It was kind of funny. He was so nervous, and trying to put everything perfect, and then freaked when the phone started ringing to talk to his family. He will be with them in about two weeks.... :,( (ok, happy for him, sad for us lol)

The plans for new years. We are going to have a zone activity where we are going to hike up the mountain on the 31 of December, and watch the fireworks from up high. There is supposed to be more fireworks on new years than on Christmas. I am so excited, because the view from up there is SO COOL. We were up there with the zone leaders last week when we were delivering little gifts to the kids up in that part. We took some good pictures. Or all of the pictures are in the camera of my companion and one of the elders. I will have to see if I can send you some of them. But thats the plan. We arent having pday today, we are just writing the family, and then on New years day, we are having pday. I think it is because not many people are going to be in their houses, and im sure lots of them are drunk anyways. I prefer to stay inside on these days. Hahahaha.

My showers are about 10 minutes. I was wondering when you were going to ask that. Hahaha. Sometimes I go about 15 if I am washing my hair. There are times when the water decides it doesnt want to come out (usually the days I am trying to wash my hair) so thats why it is a little longer.

We contacted two families in the street the other day, and we went and visited one of them yesterday. I have high hopes for this family, they seem like a good one. I am really excited to teach them. We are still fighting for the permission to baptize a girl we have been teaching for about 3 months. Her mom says yes, but her dad doesnt know (who is very catholic) and the girl (11 years old) and the mom say that they need to consult the dad. The dad doesnt live anywhere near we are, so it is up to them, and our pushing to make it happen. We are still hoping!!!

So thats whats been going on. We basically just had lessons on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, because with Christmas, and our pday on tuesday, and our activity that we had on Monday, we worked the other days. It was a good week. I still cant believe that christmas was this week. It didnt feel like christmas to be honest. Just another day. I like the way we celebrate it a little better. Probably because thats what I am accustomed to.

I love you so very much mom! Thank you for everything you do, and everything you have taught me, have a spectacular week! And stay safe through New years!! See you next year!!! ;D

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather