Monday, July 28, 2014


Happy Memorial Day Mom! and family!

Last week was awful. Lets be honest. 17 lessons (when normal we have at LEAST more than 20 per week, an investigador just LOVES to waste our time, didnt show up to his baptism interview thursday, we got him out of his house friday to do it, with the baptism prepped for him, and he decided he didnt want to come out of his house. He is always lying to us (the past week) and keeps asking for money. A returned missionary who served in this area (she returned to live here in peru) said the same thing happened with her and her companion, and also other companionships. The EXACT same thing. So me and my companion arent going to let this happen again to others, and we are going to  have a little "chat" with him when we find him.... So im tired, ready for my p-day, and to at least relax a little bit.

We dont need mosquito nettings around our beds, I think that is more for Iquitos. I have taken one picture of a little critter, but just a cocroach and her egg, Before I sprayed raid on them....hehehe

Im hanging in here, and trying to focus as best as I can, but im getting closer to the year mark everyday! You wouldnt believe how much the mission has changed me, how different I am. I feel confident in myself, so confident, and I am learning so much about the gospel.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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