Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Finally I am able to write you. It has been a hard week. One of my companions has been really sick, so we finally were able to get her to the hospital. She didnt stay over night, but she is doing a LITTLE bit better. They said she has an infection in her intestines, but we wont know how bad it is or anything until next week, when the final results come in. I did get my package, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I saw the cookies first, and got super excited. My companion Hna O* was SO HAPPY to have an english hymn book. Thank you bunches and bunches.

Ive used the dazer once or twice. But where we are the dogs arent really aggressive. There are a few that will follow us around our area, just wanting to be petted, they are so funny. and BIG. One I tried to hide from a few weeks ago, and when he found me, he JUMPED at me, so happy to see me. I saw all four of his feet in the air and screamed, half laughing, and was able to move out of the way before he plastered me to the ground. But that sounds like a scary experience that happened.

Im doing ok, my stomach has been hurting me a little more than normal the past few days, and sometimes it causes my throat to feel like it is burning, and then after a bit it goes away. I am almost convinced that all of the medical problems that I feel my body is going through, will all disappear when I come home. But if it doesnt, maybe it will be fun and we will find out what is happening in my poor stomach! Hahahahahaha.

I love you so very much, and sorry about the delay.

Love Always,

Hermana Heather


I am still here in the same area, with my companion Hna Osinaga still, AND a third companion, Hna Pin! Shes from Ecuador, guayaquil. Apparently she is only going to be with us for two or three weeks, until her companion comes? We have no idea whats going on, and didnt know that we would have her until last tuesday at about noon, when the offices called us and told us that we had to go pick her up right then, and sorry for the late notice. Hna Pin has been in the mission for about 5 months, more or less. She is fun. She is very short, but dont be decieved by that, she is dangerous... hahaha. She did motocross before the mission, thats CRAZY! but really cool.

Yeah, Im tall and a little big compared to other people here.... im considered tall. Its weird.

One thing that i am learning a little bit here is how to eat, more or less. I dont know if I am dropping weight so fast because of the way I am eating, or if its another source. But we eat breakfast (normal) a BIG lunch, and then just something small, if anything, at dinner. I shouldnt tell you what we eat, because its BAD. Pure, Carbs. Almost a least. That is something I will DEFINITELY be changing in my eating when I get back.

Im doing well besides. We started meeting with an investigator who has a REALLY BAD drinking problem, and had him sober for about 3-4 days, meeting with him twice a day. He disappeared though, and we havent been able to find him for about two, three days. We want to help him, but its hard when he falls back into drinking.

Well, I think that is it for today. Oh! We are going to go to the temple this week, finally!! I have been trying to go for the past six months, but something always happens. I might use my card in the distribution center. We are going on wedneday. Or I might try and take it out before. So between today and wednesday I might be taking out money, just so you know. If I dont, dont you worry about it.

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


We not only attended the wedding, we helped set up and arrange the wedding. I did the bouquet, very stylish. I dont think I want to plan my own wedding. We didnt do a whole lot, but I felt a little stressed out, hahaha. I am still with my same companion. And I hope I will be with her for the next 6 weeks too. Transfers are this week, so we will have to see how things go. With all the missionaries from venezuela, and then new people coming in, anything could happen. Normally we have about 2 transfers together, or three months (same amount of time), I just hope it happens for this transfer. In the wedding, two of the sisters in the pictures, on the two ends, the two north americans, were the sisters who started teaching the family a few months ago, and the had permission to go to the wedding.  I am enjoying the mission, and starting to get a LITTLE anxiety about coming home, and starting my life, but im not thinking a whole lot about it, just batting ideas around in my head in what i want to do when I get back. But I dont feel ready to ask God about what I should do yet. Im just going to keep focusing on my mission, and when the time is closer, I will ask then.

We enjoyed conference this weekend in the church. A little trunkie with this, because I was remembering what we do at home, and we dont get dressed up and go to church these days. Hahaha. And I miss going to grandma and grandpas house after. Thats ok though, im only in peru on a mission for a short time. We are downloading the conference so that we can watch/listen to it in the house :)

Yey! Thank you mom for the package, it will be well recieved :) Im sure it will get to me quickly enough, they dont like to keep the packages in the office for very long.

Well, we almost had a baptism yesterday, but something happened to where it is now rescheduled for next sunday, so pray that it comes! Its for Victoria Palacios. And pray that Hna Karen (who got married this week) will accept a baptism date for this month. She is having some doubts, and doesnt want to ask God DIRECTLY that she should be baptized. It will be a fight. And also that the birth certificates for an older couple we are teaching comes quickly, so we can get them married and baptized.

I loved the parts in conference about obedience, and that knowingly disobeying God means you love satan more than God. Remember, the "power of general conference happens when conference is over" I think president Monson said this in the last conference. and its true. The power is when we apply what we have learned.

I love you so much mom!! Talk to you next week!!

Hermana Heather


We are almost in April! It seems like we just recently started march, pero bueno! Sounds like the bishopbric will get a nice start.

Home teachers?? what are those??? hahaha, I think I had more visits from my home teachers in the singles ward.... but that is good that they are stopping by! That is their job, and I can testify that we need to do our home teaching and visiting teaching, because it too is missionary work. We are helping the people in our ward grow their testimony, and we can find out if they need help or not. Because people dont always like to ask. It really helps the members stay strong and active in the church. And they know that someone is looking out for them.

This week we had a baptism! Ok, it wasnt in this ward that I am in now, but in my other. Hna Lydia. I was working with her since we got to Magnolias 6 months ago. She ended up choosing her own baptism date with permission of Pres Erickson, and it ended up being March 28. So a few weeks ago I asked permission to go, and I got to go to her baptism!!!! I was so happy to see her baptized, it was awesome. The elder there too, Elder Morales-Bac, was who introduced her to us 6 months ago. He is an assistant to the president now, but he got to go too. He said that she reminds him a LOT of his mom, name, personality, everything. He was so happy to see this baptism too.

We found an old couple this week who we need to get ready to be married, and then baptize them. They are really willing to do everything we ask, and they even went to church yesterday! Alberto has 81 years, and Olga has 78 years. We just need to get everything ready, and get them in the water! We are going to try to teach more of their family, and see where that goes.

Hahaha, I hope she liked her birthday card then! It would have confused them no matter if I put her name on it or no. Hahahahaha!

Thank you so much for the quotes!! I like them a lot.

And one more thing..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a super duper happy birthday!!!

I love you all so much, and thank you for everything!!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather