Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Mall shopping was fun. We didnt end up eating at chilies because the power decided to go out, so we just ate at some fast food place that ive never heard of and dont remember. I did end up buying a new camera, and I love it. I decided to go more with the features than how well it takes shots, but it takes some really good pictures. It has two screens, one in the front, and one in the back. To take pictures of yourself, or when you put the timer on to take pictures, it counts down the numbers. Another elder that I know has it, and that was what I was mostly looking for. And I found it. So Im happy. Its better than buying batteries every other usage. The other camera just needs some good batteries. Ive been using duracel batteries. I love the other camera... but...yeah. Battery life is the issue.

I bought a few tourist items in the mall area, so that was fun. I am just going to be buying things throughout my mission, so at the end, I will have accumulated various items, and share them with you all. I bought a really cool bag, it is kind of hard, not so much flimsy fabric. Its different, but cool.

We havent had any progress wtih the 20 year old at the park. We cant seem to get ahold of her. She doesnt have a cell phone, and I know she is trying to find work and is studying. Its hard to find her.

My pushups are going. More or less. I can kind of do one. But its getting there. Sometimes I forget to do them...but im better. Hahaha. Everytime I forget, my companion hears something along the lines of, "I forgot to do my pushup! My brother is going to kill me...." hahaha.

The work this week was very tiring. Emotionally and physically to be honest. And sometimes it is really hard to keep up my energy. My companion helps me keep up my excitement to keep working. I am very grateful for her.

Today, me and my companion are going to go to a mercado (market, I think) and a supermarket too. We have discovered pringles, and are addicted! Like, discovered them down here. She had never had them before, but I have always loved them. And there is one, thats spicy, that is REALLY good. I am starting to like the spicy foods a little. Not REALLY spicy, but a little kick is really good, and depends on the flavor too. haha

My spanish is getting there. I am trying to study the spanish book that I have, but I hate it. But I have to. I need to learn more, and how to speak correctly.
I didnt notice that I put spanish things in my emails, hahaha. Sometimes when I am speaking spanish, I insert little english words. Its something I started doing recently. My brain is starting to mix the two languages a little bit.

Thank you so much for the quotes mom, I really like them. A lot.

I hope you all have a good week this week, I love you so much!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather


I hope all is well with you guys. We are on internet a little earlier than normal because we are going ot be traveling a bit today for our pday. We are going to go to chilies, which is in a mall of sorts. I have never been there, but I know more or less where it is. Which is an hour and a half away in bus. But thats ok, Im excited to do something a little different than just soccer. At least for one week. Especially because it is so hot here.

Oh, we had a pretty neat experience this week. So my companion got one of her wisdom teeth out this week, and we had to do diviions. My district leader found some sisters in his ward to help us out, but they could only be with us until about 6 pm, so we were about to go back to the house/my companion, when the cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was a woman. She explained to me that we contacted her in the park last week, and that she had been crying when we went up to talk to her and give her a pamphlet of which we left our number on the back (which we NEVER do, just cause I dont like everyone to have it). She said that she read the pamphlet and wanted to talk to us more, and that she had free time. I was so GITTY and EXCITED for that phone call, I was basically jumping up in the air for joy and shaking I was so happy at what had just happened. So we went and met up with her and taught her a lesson. She is about 20 years old, and has various problems i her life, and I am so excited to teach her more. I hope that next week she will be able to go to church with us.

Oh, another note. We got a bishop!!! They finally called a bishop/new bishopbric to our ward last week. It was well needed, and I am excited to work with him (and the other two companionships in our ward).

How is everybody doing? Any big news for anybody?? How is the cold weather??

I love you so much, have a great week!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


I guess carnival didnt start this week. I think it might start this week or next. Everyone says something different. It will last the entire month of February. Its a time when everyone is getting everyone wet. I did hear they respect the people of the church more. I just dont want my scriptures to get wet. :P

Hna P* is surviving. She doesnt eat much, and always has a little bit of a fever, but not enough to count as one. If that makes sense. She is on stronger medications now. She went to another doctor (I think american) last week, and they did verify that it is a kidney infection. The president and his wife know, so now we are just waiting to see if she gets any better. She honestly doesnt eat a whole lot, and im not sure if she is still throwing up or not. I dont really know, just cause im not with her all the time.

Hna I* is my companion. She is doing well, but this week we are taking her wisdom teeth out. Two of the three she has are coming in, and we just need to take all three of them out. From what we know, we are SUPPOSED to get them out tomorrow, but that could change. We will have to wait and see.

A few of the baptism dates fell, but we have 2 that are still scheduled for the 8th of Feb. We cannot get ahold of Victor to save our lives. He hasnt gone to church in the past month and a half, because he is working a lot and is extremely tired. I havent seen him since my new companion got here at the start of December. Im frustrated and really worried about him. But we have no way to get in good contact with him, because his wife cant either. We stopped teaching his wife though. She just wasnt progressing, and didnt really have a desire to, especially because her husband isnt doing what he should do.

I am doing well, more or less. I got a little sick last wednesday with my stomach, it just hurt really bad (if I dont have to expel anything from my stomach, I wont) and I think I was more dehydrated than normal, which didnt help anything. So I drunk various drinks and salty things, and went to bed early after sleeping all day. The past few days I have been getting headaches, and last night it was more behind my eyes. Its weirder than normal, but I will see how it goes, and if it continues or gets worse or better. Maybe I will need to get glasses. Apart from all that, I am doing pretty well! My health has been stable, for which I am really grateful, and that we can keep working. The work is EXTREMELY tiring, but its good.

I am so glad to know that there are many people behind me, and supporting me. My family, my friends, and the ward. Thank you for everything that you all do. Your prayers are appreciated in PerĂº, and for all the missionaries and people in the world.

Have a good week, I love you all!!

Love Always, and Love from PerĂº,
Hermana Heather