Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am still here in the same area, with my companion Hna Osinaga still, AND a third companion, Hna Pin! Shes from Ecuador, guayaquil. Apparently she is only going to be with us for two or three weeks, until her companion comes? We have no idea whats going on, and didnt know that we would have her until last tuesday at about noon, when the offices called us and told us that we had to go pick her up right then, and sorry for the late notice. Hna Pin has been in the mission for about 5 months, more or less. She is fun. She is very short, but dont be decieved by that, she is dangerous... hahaha. She did motocross before the mission, thats CRAZY! but really cool.

Yeah, Im tall and a little big compared to other people here.... im considered tall. Its weird.

One thing that i am learning a little bit here is how to eat, more or less. I dont know if I am dropping weight so fast because of the way I am eating, or if its another source. But we eat breakfast (normal) a BIG lunch, and then just something small, if anything, at dinner. I shouldnt tell you what we eat, because its BAD. Pure, Carbs. Almost a least. That is something I will DEFINITELY be changing in my eating when I get back.

Im doing well besides. We started meeting with an investigator who has a REALLY BAD drinking problem, and had him sober for about 3-4 days, meeting with him twice a day. He disappeared though, and we havent been able to find him for about two, three days. We want to help him, but its hard when he falls back into drinking.

Well, I think that is it for today. Oh! We are going to go to the temple this week, finally!! I have been trying to go for the past six months, but something always happens. I might use my card in the distribution center. We are going on wedneday. Or I might try and take it out before. So between today and wednesday I might be taking out money, just so you know. If I dont, dont you worry about it.

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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