Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We not only attended the wedding, we helped set up and arrange the wedding. I did the bouquet, very stylish. I dont think I want to plan my own wedding. We didnt do a whole lot, but I felt a little stressed out, hahaha. I am still with my same companion. And I hope I will be with her for the next 6 weeks too. Transfers are this week, so we will have to see how things go. With all the missionaries from venezuela, and then new people coming in, anything could happen. Normally we have about 2 transfers together, or three months (same amount of time), I just hope it happens for this transfer. In the wedding, two of the sisters in the pictures, on the two ends, the two north americans, were the sisters who started teaching the family a few months ago, and the had permission to go to the wedding.  I am enjoying the mission, and starting to get a LITTLE anxiety about coming home, and starting my life, but im not thinking a whole lot about it, just batting ideas around in my head in what i want to do when I get back. But I dont feel ready to ask God about what I should do yet. Im just going to keep focusing on my mission, and when the time is closer, I will ask then.

We enjoyed conference this weekend in the church. A little trunkie with this, because I was remembering what we do at home, and we dont get dressed up and go to church these days. Hahaha. And I miss going to grandma and grandpas house after. Thats ok though, im only in peru on a mission for a short time. We are downloading the conference so that we can watch/listen to it in the house :)

Yey! Thank you mom for the package, it will be well recieved :) Im sure it will get to me quickly enough, they dont like to keep the packages in the office for very long.

Well, we almost had a baptism yesterday, but something happened to where it is now rescheduled for next sunday, so pray that it comes! Its for Victoria Palacios. And pray that Hna Karen (who got married this week) will accept a baptism date for this month. She is having some doubts, and doesnt want to ask God DIRECTLY that she should be baptized. It will be a fight. And also that the birth certificates for an older couple we are teaching comes quickly, so we can get them married and baptized.

I loved the parts in conference about obedience, and that knowingly disobeying God means you love satan more than God. Remember, the "power of general conference happens when conference is over" I think president Monson said this in the last conference. and its true. The power is when we apply what we have learned.

I love you so much mom!! Talk to you next week!!

Hermana Heather

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