Monday, July 28, 2014


As the heat rises up there, we are cooling off quite a bit. And with the humidity, a little more so. A lot of the time you dont even realize the world cup is going on, but I am trying to keep up with it today. USA is going to play today! I forgot against who, but I hope we win! Did you watch the game with Brazil and Chile? It was so intense! Did you know that Brazil has one of the BEST goalies in the world? He is huge too! We have been successful in the baptism part, but not so much in the marriage department. There are a few more issues that we have run into with the documents of the couple that we are helping, but we are closer than we were a month ago, so we are progressing. At least like a turtle, but they say he won the race, right?

People STILL treat me and call me GRINGA. It gets a little annoying, but I have learned just to laugh it off. At least I know Im pretty and that my eyes are BEAUTIFUL. Hahaha. Maybe my ego has grown a little bit here... lol. It may or may not be transfer week for me. I have no Idea what is going to happen, because whatever thing could happen here. We are usually with our companions for 2 transfers, meaning about 4 transfers in one area. I have been in this area for 3 transfers, and 2 transfers with my companion. So I think it is more like flipping a coin here. When we do transfers, we meet as a zone to learn who is getting transfered, and then the next day (tuesday) the people who are getting transfers (and their companions) go to the mission office, and thats where they tell us where we are going, and with who. I dont really think there is a mission home here. There is a church that has the offices to the mission there, here in our mission. The mission president and his wife live outside of the mission, a little far away.

We had a conference with Dallin H Oaks. It was AWESOME. His wife is awesome, he is funny, and it is so cool and awesome to meet general authorities. I learned a lot, and loved loved loved it.

I am doing well here, im still going here. I am absolutely broke right now, and in desperate need to take money out of my account, but it is so hard to find time to do it. But now that I am desperate, I think that I will have to make time to do it. And if we have transfers, we are going to need money to get to the mission offices. Hahaha.

Have an awesome week!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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