Monday, July 28, 2014


I am doing quite well here actually! I love my companion, and adjusting well to her and my new area. My area is very small. Very very small, but its good. Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the piano in sacrament meeting. First off, the member discovered that I play, and there is nobody in the ward that plays. Second, the way that they sing in sacrament meeting is TERRIBLE, it does not bring much of a spirit into the meeting. It was extremely bumpy playing the hymns, but I got through it without COMPLETELY slaughtering the hymns. And it was a little better than the congregation just singing. Its the worst that I have heard yet... so I think I have found myself a second calling. Hahaha. I just hope that my fingers can get used to playing again, and that I will improve. Because I think I can count on one hand how many times I have touched a piano since I have come to Peru. But I am glad to be able to help and serve the ward in this way.

Yes, it is extremely cold down here, but I am doing just fine. The cold really does just hurt the bones. Its the humidity that kills. There is no heating in the apartments (neither air conditioning) but for me its bearable. At least we have hot water. They take better care of the sisters than the elders (not by much but they do) so we are blessed to have hot water. I did buy a long sleeve shirt that is really comfortable and warm, and I absolutely LOVE it.

A Peruvian Independence Day festival in Utah? That sounds awesome! I wish I could go! Yes, independence day is the 28 of July. Now that I think of it, Independence Day here might be a really bad procyliting day... I am sure they celebrate with a lot of beer. But I will definitely let you know how they celebrate. Tell me what they do there if you do go.

Way to go Alex! I am so proud of you! Doing things that I was not able to do. He was always so good in school. Very smart kid.

I will take pictures of my Apartment of where I am now, its actually really nice. Or maybe that is me turning into a peruvian... uh oh. Hahaha.

Remember to always do your visiting teaching and home teaching, it really does help the members to know that they are thought of outside of the church.

Joshua 1:9

This part was sent to Heather's dad:

The new area is going. I do like to have transfers sometimes, because sometimes, if you have been in an area for awhile, it gets rough and frustrating. But with a new area you can see new ideas, new ways to help. And use the knowledge that you gained in other areas in your new area.

My head is filled with spanish right now. I almost feel tired, and spanish is flooding my head. So if I manage to go off in Spanglish, at least you will understand. Hahaha.

My new companion is awesome. I love her so much. She is so sweet and caring. She was a little serious when I got here, but I got her laughing, and she said she really enjoys that. That with her other companion they didnt really talk much, menos laughing. I am very content with my companion. I feel like she will help bring back out the sweet side in me, that I think I once had. Hahaha

Sounds like the boys are all off doing something fun and adventurous. Including you.

For p-days, im not sure. last week we went to a mall area that was fun, and we watched other missionaries play soccer (I just didnt want to play, because it was cold, and the elders sometimes play a little rough). Today we are going to have p-day libre, where we can go and do what we want. Mostly because we have room checks from presidents wife this week. Our room is basically clean, just needs a little light cleaning with the broom, mop, and we´re good! But the elders have to do a little more scrubbing I think....

So today we are going to go and buy food. We are in charge of our own food for breakfast and dinner everyday, and we eat with the members for lunch. I am just about completely out of food, and need to buy more. We are also going to pass a little more time in the market, see what there is to see (because you can find some pretty cool and cheap stuff there) and maybe take a nap in the apartment when we get back. It should be a relaxing day. I think I might buy some ice cream. I still have more ganas a comer helados en invierno que verano. When did you come back from your mission? in what month? I am really nervous that the climate is going to hit me hard. Yes, that it is dry, but I am going from 90 degree weather to 30 degree weather. AH!!!! I will be coming prepared.... hahaha.

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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