Monday, July 28, 2014


Im doing well here, im not dead yet! But I only have 6 months to live... hahaha :) Thats what we call it. When you go home from the mission, you die. I just hope that I dont have a sad death. Meaning that I just stop working. I may or may not have seen the last part of the the game with USA and Portugal... THE LAST 5 SECONDS OF OVERTIME!!! We werent very happy...I could just imagine you screaming, and everyone else as well.

My tummy is doing alright this week, as long as I make sure to eat. I am pretty sure that I eat as much as I did as when I first started. Which is a LOT. You would die if you saw how much food we eat. Yesterday, the sister mounded a round plate full of rice, and then a little bit of other things. I wanted to die. I didnt finish it. Lately I tend not to finish if it is a lot, because it hurts me. The thing is, you have to be careful when you do that, because they get offended here if you dont eat everything that they give you. Im just grateful that Im not in the jungle, because I hear that they serve more, and if you dont eat it all, they never invite you to their house again...

This week we are going to see two baptisms, and a possible wedding with a possible two more baptisms! That would be 4 in total. Pray that the papers are all ok, and that we can get them in and get this baptism wrapped up nice and tight.

I have completed a year! Wow, how time flies. I remember so many things like they were yesterday. I remember how slow the time started out. I imagine it as a train, starting out slow, and then it slowly works up until it reaches full spead. I will be home before we know it.

Love you all!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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