Monday, March 24, 2014


We dont do a lot of service here. Like nothing. Its kind of sad. Yup! We had a conference with an area 70. He was awesome, and it was really good.

This week was rather uneventful. Oh, we received lots of missionaries from Venezuela this week. They took out ALL of the foreign missionaries and reassigned them all. I dont know much, but I think bad (worse than normal) things are happening over there. We are going to plan a wedding!! Not really, the sister is going to plan, and we are going to help. The requirements here to get married are so weird! But then again, I have no idea what you have to do to get married in utah. They are going to get married April 5. Its is a part member family. The kids and the husband are members, and she isnt. Her husband was less active, and we are reactivating him, and then we are going to baptize his wife :)

The work is going this week, we had 26 lessons! Still under the goal that we have had put on all of us, but its better! We had a few challenges this week trying to get some papers filled out to get some people married, and we took basically a whole day to do so. They said some papers were wrong, but when we got to get them arranged, they said that the papers were fine. We went back, they didnt receive us because it was closed, went the next day, and they said, "oh, it looks like they are fine, but now you cant have the marriage date you want." I was a little upset, more so because the zone leaders were TICKED that we couldnt get the marriage date for the 29 of March to have the baptism for this month. We have it for the week after, April 5. They yelled at us, and I wanted to cry. But they never said anything to us in person. Im not too fond of this zone because of the leaders. They want pure numbers. And they dont listen to us. They dont seem to understand that every area is different. It gets me down a little bit, but I remind myself that I am working for the Lord, not my leaders, and it helps me refocus myself.

I think when I get back we will have to do some exercising. I dont do a whole lot here, mostly because we are walking all of the time, and if we dont shower right when we get up at 6:30, its less probable that we are going to have water to shower with. Hahaha. The joys of having water for a limited time, its quite adventurous. Oooh, and we have COCKROACHES. Quite a few, and we have watched a few births of cockroaches. It looks painful. So we put them out of their misery with cockroach spray. Im ok with the bugs when they are on their backs, and feel a little bad when I kill them, because they cant do anything, and look like they are trying all they can do to save their lives. BUT.....when they are on their feet and running, I scream a little bit, and my companion laughs, saying that it sounds like I had seen a ghost. hehehe..... still my mothers daughter...

Well, I think that is it for today! I love you all so much, and have a great week!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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