Monday, March 10, 2014


This area is very different, there are very many new challenges that I am facing, My body hurts a lot, and I am always tired. My feet hurt in one specific spot on both, in my arches. But I am still kicking. I am kicking to make it to the halfway mark in 9 days (WHAT?!?!?!) and then shortly after, the year mark, and then I will basically be home! I am on the other side of the mountain from Magnolias, going west. Sometimes we can see the ocean from where we are. It is about... probably 2 hours from my other area, and I am a lot closer to where my first area was, Santa Isabel, I think it is about 20 minutes up from where we are (I have no idea what is north or south, and I dont think I will ever figure it out). We actually dont have a pensionista, we provide our own food. We are given more money to do so. And I have no idea who washes our clothes, the entire zone brings their clothes every week to the leaders, and then we receive it on friday. I dont know what happens to the clothes, but they come back clean :)
I was not aware of Hna Jenny BEFORE this area, but she was aware of me. She knows EVERYTHING about ALL of the missionaries who have passed through her ward, and who is to come, and where they are now. She LOVES talking to the parents of the missionaries. She is like our mom, if we need anything, we just go to her. Hahaha.

We help marry people because that is one of the commandments that NOBODY keeps down here. But only for those who are going to be baptized. Almost no one is married here, they just live together and have kids. It doesnt matter, its not a big thing down here to be married. But if they are not married, we cant baptize. And the requirements for marriage are difficult, although I am not quite sure what are the requirements, and what documents they need, but they dont have them and have to search for them.

The weeks are going by fast, but sometimes I feel like I am never going to leave, but I also feel like many of the experiences I have had happened just yesterday. So I can just hope a little that the time keeps going by fast.

We just provide our own food for breakfast and dinner. We have a crockpot in which we heat water for chocolate milk, or tea. We have a fridge where we have fruit and other things. And we buy bread once or twice a week. Thats what we normally eat. :)

I love you all so much, and am so grateful to have all of your support, good luck with everything!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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