Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hna Jenny is really funny, and she wont be offended at anything you say, maybe a little confused, but not offended. Hahaha. I have read some of your comments, and I find them funny, and sometimes I can tell when you are using google translator. I must say it works pretty well. She absolutely LOVES talking to you, and says its really fun. She LOVES taking pictures and videos. I think you will receive more from her than you will from me, hahaha.   She would LOVE a jar of peanut butter. I was thinking about asking you for a few mini hymn books in english. My companion LOVES english, and really wants one, even just a little one. So if you could send like 2 or 3 or 4, that would be nice. And I can give a few to others in my journey who really want the hymn books. And I think I might like one too....hahaha. But she really wants a hymn book in english.

Thanks for the compliment! I guess I am more confident here, and generally happy, lol. The past week I have been more tired than normal, and then last night and today I started to feel sick, so I think my body is going to take a little more of a beating before it gets better. We will have to see... :/

The cooking for ourselves??? I dont like it too much, just because we only have a little tiny crockpot. Though I got desperate last week, and I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with it. More or less. I really just wanted the cheese to melt in between the bread, and it was good! The first grilled cheese sandwich in a long time...   I have thought a little bit about arch supports, but I am not sure exactly if they exist here. I may go looking for some today, and see how much they cost.

I am so close to the halfway point, and sometimes I feel like I have a short time, and others, I feel like coming home is so far away! But I am pushing, and sometimes, that is all I have to do.

I was thinking the other day, one of the first things that I want to do when I get home, even if it just after I get off the plane, is that I want to see the lights at temple square. More that I want to see the temple... :)   Because in the course of my mission, I have grown to love the picture of the salt lake temple. It has become a symbol of home.

Stay strong in the faith. Read your scriptures. Do everything you can to become closer to God, and he will help you in everything that you need.

I love you so much, and pray for you everyday. Stay strong!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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