Saturday, December 28, 2013


Feliz Navidad!!!

On saturday, we had another interesting experience with a spider. We have been having issues with those the past few weeks. On saturday we had another one in our apartment. I didnt see it (thank GOODNESS) but the other three sisters saw it. And the two who arent terribly afraid of spiders both screamed and ran too. The other was in a basic panic. And so I was trying to call our zone leaders who are the closest to come, and I called them four times and they didnt answer. I called my district leader two times, nothing. The zone leaders again, and it cut short. The district leaders, and FINALLY they answered. I was in a little bit of a panic, and told him to come as fast as he can, because there was a spider and we couldnt kill it (apparently this spider had big, thick, hairy legs, and was pretty fast). One of the sisters was sobbing and screaming in the background for him to come. We also tried to get ahold of the bishop who lives below us, but no one was there. I RAN past where the spider was to be with my companion (and OUT of the apartment). My loving district leader came RUNNING around the corner, and apparently he missed the part about there being a spider....whoops. So him and his companion were looking for the spider for thirty minutes (because it disappeared, the thing WORSE than finding the spider). And right before the zone leaders came, they found it and killed it. So the zone leaders sent the district leaders home (because its about 11 at night by this time). And my zone leader Elder Gandara (from mexico, served in the jungle for 17 months I think) plasted himself on the floor under the bed searching to find anything more, because the other companion of ours was saying the spider was bigger than the one we killed. So I was kind of making fun of him, because while searching, I could just picture him saying "little spider, where are you???" but in spanish "araƱita, donde estaaas?..., because it is more funny. I was relatively calm, but shaken up. Because I know how big the last spider was that the sisters killed, and that they didnt want to kill this one. They found a hole in the wall, and covered it up so nothing could get in from there too. So we didnt go to sleep until 12 at night.

For christmas, what they do down here, is they celebrate at 12 at night on the 24th of December. And apparently there are lots of FIREWORKS. Lots of paneton (its a  bread thing with gummy fruit in it, I dont like it very much) and they have a big dinner, turkey, chancho (pig), and I dont know what else. So I THINK we are going to our pensionistas house for the 24th. Also, tomorrow we are going to the offices to have a "party" with the mission. 9am-4pm. None of us plan on having too many lessons the next two days, because everyones going to be gone, or not want to receive us (that sentence sounds a little off, sorry). I am a little sad that this is my first and last christmas down here. I will be going home so close to it, but at the same time im excited to spend christmas with you guys next year. Bitter-sweet, but I dont need to worry about it. I only have about 8 transfers left. Its so weird. 4 transfers is six months. two is three, months dont exist. I will definitly be enjoying everything down here. I think it will be the hottest christmas that I will EVER have in my life. Hahahahaha. ;D

Victor is working a lot (the most work he has had in awhile, and also he got it AFTER he was baptized.) Weve been talking to his wife some, but not much the past week. She is out of town for awhile, so that was lessons less than normal. Its been pretty slow the past week, and probably this week as well with christmas. And probably for new years too. That should be interesting, I here that there are MUCH MORE FIREWORKS that for christmas. Latinos like to party. And party means till 3-4 in the morning. We dont have parties in

Thank you family for the christmas tree and ornaments! We have it up on our wall in our apartment, the little decoration that we have for christmas. Thank you so much for all of your sweet notes!!

Have a great week, and I will see you on Wednesday!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Hermana Heather

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