Thursday, December 5, 2013


We moved.  AGAIN! Yep, you heard right. We moved. We are getting new Hermanas in our stake, and apparently we have to live with them. So first off, on friday, we went UP a mountain. It was so stressful, we built a house, basically just four wood walls. It was WAY up. I had a difficult time getting up, but I did. And then after I went straight to my house to pack to go to another area to do an interchange with another sister. So I was with two other gringas in another area. On Saturday, my companion called me saying that the elders just told her that we need to move. THAT DAY. We also had a baptism. So I didnt end up going back to our apartment until 6 at night, and then we dismantled everything and moved it all. We didnt finish getting everything into the new place until 11:30 pm. We only had two sets of elders helping us, it was so last minute. Those poor elders, they are so good. I did help of course, I wont let them take ALL of the credit, just a lot of it ;) hahaha. So right now, our apartment is a disaster, and we are getting the new Hermanas tomorrow. WOOT!.....

That was the end of the week. Ahh, you asked if we got the chance to visit with Elder Nelson (it was something I completely forgot about until right after we finished internet last week). YES! It was just our mission that he talked to. There was Elder Nelson, his wife, Elder Rasband (president of the seventy) AND the President of our Area Seventy. THREE GENERAL AUTHORITIES, WOW!!!!!!! It was so awesome. Apparently their trip to Venezuela was cancelled, so they asked our Area President which mission they should go visit, and he said Lima North. I am pretty sure that there was SO MANY that he could have chosen, and not just in Peru. We were so privileged. We learned a lot, and it was just awesome in general. Like the scriptures arent just story books, they are ANSWER BOOKS. And that we need to work hand in hand, the missionaries and the members. Thats just a little of what we learned, I have so many notes from this conference. It was awesome.

As missionaries, at least only in this zone, we have a service at least once a week. The other week we helped put a roof on a house. Granted I was down low helping load dirt into a wheelbarrow, but I helped nonetheless. We help move people into houses, or whatever they may need. Like building a rock wall in the hills/mountains. In my other area we didnt do anything, no one had things for us to do. But we do our service in this zone as a zone, which I like a lot.

We ride the moto taxis all the time here. They are basically motorcycles, covered so we can sit in the back. There are 3 wheels total. I will have to get a picture, it is kind of hard to explain. They are the fastest and normally cheapest way to get to a short distance, but fast. So those are kind of cool.

One sad note, for sure, one of our zone leaders, Elder Morales-Bac is getting transferred to be assistant to the president. I started crying. He is not an office elder, he is meant to be out in the field. He is such a good leader, and I am very sad to see him go. The president called him this morning to tell him. He is in shock too. He will most likely finish his mission in the office, he leaves in about May.

We dont know anything about transfers, but we are almost POSITIVE that Hna P* and I are going to change. Its just WHO, and where we are going to go. Woot.... :/ I dont want to leave this area. I also dont want to find all of my things in our disaster of an apartment.... because all of our stuff is EVERYWHERE. Hahaha.

I am doing well more or less. Oh, a cool thing that happened yesterday in one of our appointments. The wife of the guy we baptized a few weeks ago, first off, earlier this week she said she was going to assist church with her husband, because he is lonely at church. THEN when we visited them last night, she shut the doors to her store, to spend time with us, and listen. So there were no interruptions. WHAT!?!?! I wanted to scream with joy after that. I was so surprised, because she was most worried about her store, and didnt want to leave it for anything, let alone us. But she did! I feel she is going to be baptized, and very strong in the church. Just a little more time. We are so close, I can feel it....

*They just let us know who is going to change this transfer, Hna P* is going to open the New area, so she is one of the "new hermanas" that we are going to live with, and she is receiving an hermana of the mission, and then I am going to start training, in my area. WOOT! I am actually so excited!!!!!!!!! Hna P* is going to be the Sister leader in our area, she is not excited about that. Ok, thats it for now. Hahaha. Whoo...I feel very shaky and happy and RELIEVED right now. Im glad we dont have to take anything to the offices tomorrow.

Things are going well. The sister I am going to have is coming straight from the MTC, the other that Hna P* is going to have has been in the mission, for I dont know how long. I dont know who she is. I dont recognize the name at least.  We are in the Magnolias Stake. We have been here for almost two full transfers. We opened the area that I am in. Magnolias stake, ward Magnolias :) It is great

Oh, something interesting that happened last week, we felt an earthquake! It was kind of cool Apparently it was from a 5.8 earthquake, hours away from where we are. Its the first time I have EVER felt an earthquake. Im sure its on the internet, if you feel like looking it up ;) lol. It was last monday, around.....1508 hours (just because someone emailed me the time, lol) I think that is about 3:08pm.

Love Always
Hermana Heather

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