Thursday, November 28, 2013


Our P days are emailing, and playing soccer. Occasionally we go to the store. We are not allowed to leave our areas, just because it is a recent rule that we have. Its really dumb, because there are some cool sights to see in Lima, but we cant. So we play soccer. Every P day. It really is fun, I love playing with the elders, and I also know they arent going to try to plow me down. Hahahaha... its how I get the ball most of the time. It is so much fun.
Ah yeah, I got all of the rest of my packages last week! Even the one from the plane. It came in a box, so that was cool. I am pretty sure they just put it in a box when it got here, then taped my name and mission on the box. Thanks for everything! I have been sharing much of it with my companion. :) And I was SO excited to get the cord for the camera. YEA! Now I can send pictures without bothering anyone!!

Thank you for everything. My health is doing alright. I managed to get gastritis last week, so I am still trying to figure that out. Lol. The idea is to eat healthier, except we are not in charge of our meals, and our meals almost always include rice, and potatoes. LOTS of rice. And then when I try and ask for a little less food so that I am not in too much pain, my companion starts attacking me saying I want to drop food to lose weight, and thats bad. (well DUH, thats not my intention to lose weight) I just want to eat a LITTLE less than what they are giving me, because it hurts my stomach so much to eat all of it. I feel we eat almost the same amount as the elders (we eat with the elders, and I watch the food proportions) lol. We will have to see.

The guinea pig was a little disturbing, but not as bad as I thought, but the elder really needed/wanted a picture with it. Lol They taste kind of like a sweet, soft chicken. Its really interesting. Im not sure If I like the taste of guinea pig....  The guinea pig that I ate was just 1/4 of it, so like, the back leg, or something like that. There wasnt a lot of meat on it to be honest. The sister that we ate with raises her guinea pigs and she does the killing and preparing, all of it. Guinea pigs are NOT pets down here. They are food, expensive food. Its interesting. I just think they are so cute...hahaha The pregnant guinea pigs look like they have a ball in the middle of their stomach. It is precious. lol
I am pretty happy, and the elders are always making me smile. :)

I love you all, so very much! And I will be sending a few pictures in just a little bit.
Love, Hermana Heather

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