Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Training is going. Its not that bad. I like it to be honest. I still have practically no idea what im doing, but thats the fun of it all, no? My companion is awesome, and has lots of excitement, which i am feeding off of, especially when our appointments fall through. Which has been a lot lately. Especially with christmas near, i am hoping that is why....

We are all pensioning with the same pensionista. There are 4 companionships. The two from our ward, and then two from another ward  and the elders in the same ward, because their pensionista was crazy. Wanting the north american elder to eat raw egg, of which he is deathly allergic. So yeah....very interesting.

I am pretty sure the wheezing stopped, I used my inhaler for awhile, im not sure if it helped, but yeah. I still have more to use, im glad I have it. It helps when we are hiking up in the mountains. This week we helped clean the top floor of the house of our pensionista, of all of the stuff that she uses for work (she makes clothes, so there were scraps that they sell too) and we got that cleaned. Then on friday we went to jicamarca again, and helped make stairs for the lady to climb. I found out what they do for a bathroom. They dig a whole, and put a toilet on it. And when it is full, they move it. I thought that was so gross.....

Yesterday for lunch, we went rock climbing. Hahaha. It was the only way to get there. I was very grateful that we had our elders with us, because we wouldnt have made it up alive, our shoes are not built for this kind of thing. Very slippery sometimes, and the loose ground doesnt help much either. But it was lots of fun. :)

Yeah, those types of spiders live in the jungle. And there are spiders bigger than that. I have heard lots of stories.  ick. And I do not think i am going to stay calm enough to put anything next to a spider to take a picture. Hahahahaha. But if I do, I will give you a warning. ;)

Thank you for all of your support, it is well received here! i cant believe I have been here for six months! Oh, today, in one year, is the end of a transfer....just thought youd like to know. Hehehe. Yeah, i am a little trunkie....I might be on my way home in one year from now. ;P

Not much happened this week, found a few more spiders, but im getting better at staying calm and just killing them (with raid). Or my companion kills them (better). And for that i am grateful.

I love you all so much! i will email you guys next monday, and we will figure out when we will be calling you. and then talk to you the following wednesday. Love you all so very much! Stay safe! (and warm!)

Love Always,
Hermana Heather


This was sent to Hermana Heather's dad:

My companion is good. A little homesick, and she had a little breakdown last week, but I told her she was doing great, and is still learning. It was her birthday saturday as well, but she said she had a good day. The people who found out about her birthday gave us lots of food. Sweets. Uhg. I felt so sick after that, hahahaha.

Now that im senior companion (wow, i sound OLD!!!) we still do things with the zone. We play soccer!!!!! It is so much fun to play with the elders. Especially one, who was playing professionally in guatamala as goalie. He doesnt play goalie here, because NO ONE scores on him. He just punches them lightly out of the way. He does flips to kick the ball into the goal, and he has so many tricks and things that he does. I think that guatemalans are the BEST soccer players in south america. Because he is not the only guatemalan that we had, we had 4 in the last transfer. And ALL of them were so good. Did you ever play soccer with latinos?? how was it???  I like to play soccer with the elders. Im getting a little better too! Its fun, and they are always yelling/encouraging me to kick it in the goal, and then making fun of the elder who is goalie, that I scored on him. Last week we(hermanas) didnt play, because my comp needed to buy some things, so we couldnt go. Elder C* (the goalie from guatemala) was DEVASTATED that I wasnt going to play. Im a little valuable beause the elders cant really do much to me when playing, lol. So I can get away with a little more, and not worry to much about getting run over.

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