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This week has definitely been interesting. I got my new companion on Tuesday. Her name is Hna I*, and is from Quito, Ecuador (not one of the suburbs, but Quito itself). She is 19, and turning 20 this saturday the 14 (along with TONS of other people I know. Alex, and Elder in our zone, Hna I*, the sister of an elder etc, lol).

My health is interesting. I started wheezing about two days ago, with my breathing. I now understand what wheezing is. Im using my inhaler some, but im really not sure if it really is helping or not. One thing I trust Hna P* with is my health, but only if I ask her. It really could be because of how humid it is in our apartment, but we are going to keep an eye on it the next few days. My ankles started swelling pretty good again, but im not too worried about it. Im pretty sure its because it is so hot here, and we are walking around a lot. I had a cold last week, but after putting oregano on my feet for two nights, it went away faster than normal. So im good there!

So this past week, with all of our stuff moved in, and everyone, it was interesting. I dont remember which day this happened, but it was last week. I opened my dresser and a bug fell off of the door. I was like, ok, wheres the raid, and a flashlight. So I was looking for this but under the dresser and bed, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the ceiling. I looked up, and it was a BIG SPIDER. I screamed the loudest I have ever screamed, and ran OUT of there. My companion was praying and was just finishing when I did that. I was shaking so bad, I was so scared. Hna I* had no idea what happened, and when I finally communicated with her what happened, she looked and was like, "oh look, a big spider." she doesnt like them, but shes not as scared as I am. The other companion of Hna P* went and looked. They ended up spraying it with lots of raid (but it wasnt dying) and then I think they smashed it with a hammer or something. But they verified that it was dead. I was shaking so bad, and Hna P* was scared too, but she didnt see it. The companion of Hna P* (hna w*) said that apparently she doesnt have as much fear of spiders as she thought. I have more than I thought. Lol....... its not the first time we have found big spiders in our apartment. But this week we sealed off all of the spaces in the windows, and cleaned cleaned cleaned the apartment. I feel so much more safe now, more calm.

The elders think it is kind of funny. Our zone leader, Elder G*, served in the jungle, and doesnt have much of a problem with them. He said "have you ever seen a shirt walk?.......yeah, shirts dont walk, it was a spider." I thought it was very funny. But I dont think I would do very well in the jungle, no matter what I told myself. Apparently the spiders are HUGE there. Anyways, this elder said that if I (Hermana Heather) ever called him to come and kill a spider he would.

The christmas devotional was really good. I couldnt concentrate on the messages, but I loved the music. I saw Miss Nudd many times! Its nice to see a familiar face! And thats so cool that the band teacher from Lehi Jr High was in the orchestra! When Elder Rasband and Elder Nelson talked, I got so excited. My love for them grew after the other week. In the video with elder Nelson and the children, did you see the little boy wink at the girl??? everyone was laughing so hard at that!!!!

The "house" that we built was about the size of...... a square, smaller than my room. There were two of these squares, so two squares put together. There was a wall in between the two. Very small. To this day, I have NO idea how they shower, or use the bathroom or anything. They are able to get electricity up there. To cook, they have gas stoves. Like a camping stove (is what they normally are) with a gas tank. And thats most people in general. But all of the stoves are gas.

This past week, we sanded the paint off the walls of a house, so that we could put new paint on it. The paint was blue, and we were all covered in blue afterwards. We were like smurfs. Hahahahaha. We didnt really get much into the painting, but the sanding was pretty fun and entertaining. lol. So thats what we did for service this week.

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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