Monday, September 30, 2013


My ankles are doing well, more or less. I hate have the brace, wrap, and cane, but its necessary. Both of my ankles swell like balloons everyday, which is annoying. I dont like having cankles!!

So the story for this week. I lied last week. Just kidding, I didnt lie. But last week around 4 in the afternoon, our district leaders called us, and said that me, and Hermana P were being emergency transferred (emergency transferred is basically just a transfer out of regular transfer times, nothing more). And that Hermana M was going to start training in the area. So Hermana P and I were transferred so that we could open a new area in Magnolias. We are the first sister missionaries that this stake has ever seen. We share about 1/8 of the ward with the zone leaders. Our zone leaders are AWESOME, and we see them multiple times a day. They live around the corner from us. I love this area too. The members WANT to help us in any way possible. I love the people here. I feel a connection, and I dont ever want to leave. As well, we have basic dominion over all of the single moms in the ZONE, which is so cool. The members give us lots of references. And as well, we basically have nothing to work with. Just ourselves and the scriptures. We dont have pamphlets, area books, nothing. Its a little frustrating because the pamphlets are what we work with on contacting.

Thank you Aunt Wendy for your support and concern!

I almost cried when I read that Grandma Shirley had to put her dog down :( but she is in a better place. Dont you all worry. Thank you for the picture of her and her dogs, its nice to get those.

We didnt get to see the womens conference, and I am not sure that we will ever see it either. Im sure it was good though :)

I love you all so very much, stay safe!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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