Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hola de Peru!

This week has been crazy. We had to move from our apt, and had two days to find a new one and move. We found something, not near as pretty. You have to walk five floors up, cross the roof, and then there is a small area that looks like it would be a room. When you open the door, there are stairs that curve down, and go into an apartment. Its kind of cool. I thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get our things there. The stairs narrow significantly at the top. One of the elders said "with God, anything is possible." I told him I highly doubt that we would get the dressers up, because they are kind of big, and dont come apart. Yup, with a long rope, and some crazy elders, everything got up there, with a few bumps on the furniture, but that wasnt what any of us were worried about. So we are moved in, and have a alot to clean. We have a kitchen (ok, kitchens here consist of a sink, and a little bit of a counter connected, and you have to bring in your own stove, oven, or whatever else you want, they are really small, and not that extravagant, so we really only have the sink and counter). There are two bedrooms, and a larger study area. In one of the bedrooms we put our suitcases and cleaning supplies and whatever else we dont want in the way, and then we sleep in the other room. We have a bunk bed, and I sleep on top. Its not that bad. There are also a bunch of roosters that live next door (on the roof) so they tell us good morning everyday around 5 am. Its very welcoming. Hahaha

Yup, we watched conference this weekend. I didnt get a WHOLE lot out of it. It was really hard to focus. But I found Miss Nudd in the choir! That was a highlight. ;) I was able to take some notes. The notes are both in spanish and english, but mostly spanish. Something cool, is that Elder Richard G Scott does his own translations for conference. Its nice to listen to them in their own voice.

As for my ankles, I dont take much for them. The swelling has gone down considerably, I dont know why, and I am not asking questions. I dont have much ibuprofen, and I dont want to buy more. Plus, muscles dont really develop when taking pain meds so....Im at a little bit of a loss. Hahaha.

Our pensionita doesnt live far from us, about three blocks. We share her with the zone leaders. I like seeing them everyday and talking. Its way different from before. They both speak english, one is learning, but is really good, so I say he speaks english. I dont speak a whole lot of english to them though. Usually just when trying to figure out how to say things. Its helpful, and its calming for me.

Lessons this week were ok. My spanish is a whole lot better here than before. And Hna P even said that I am a lot more confident here, I speak more, and am more happy. I dont know why, I just am. The people here are awesome. Ok, yesterday at the church for the morning session of conference, a lady in the stake came up to us and hugged us so tightly and wouldnt let go of us, saying that she is so glad that there are Hermanas in the stake, and is so happy, and wants to take a picture with her. They ended up taking about 20 photos with one camera. Sheesh. Also, there is a family in our ward who absolutely ADORES us. We were walking to their house for lunch, and the daughters both had me, both holding my hands/arms. I feel like a little kitten being mauled by children. Hahahaha

As for the food....I am done with rice. If I never see rice ever again, that will be ok with me. We dont really eat dinner in this area, if we are at members houses though we are bound to get something. We kind of know where to go if we are hungry. Which normally we are not, because we eat a lot for lunch, and we also have food in our apartment if needed. You can do it mom, you dont need rice to survive! I wish the Peruvians knew that

Have a great week, thank you for all of your support!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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  1. My name is Sister Crow, I will very shortly be serving in the same mission as Hermana Heather, I was wondering if maybe I could contact you with some questions and then once I leave if my mom could stay in contact with you as well?