Monday, October 21, 2013


Hermana Heather's Zone
I really am enjoying things more here. I am beat tired though. The other day, a pary behind our house started at freaking 4:30 in the morning! We dont know when it ended, but we didnt return till th night time. I was so irritated. Hna P said she was singing to the music, and enjoyed it a little bit. I just wanted to sleep, but I never went back to sleep. Blah. Hahaha. And Im just tired today, but still kicking! hahaha. Hna P was sick yesterday too. Ate too much food at lunch (at least 7 potatoes) and abunch of other food. We had pancha manca (tan rico!). So we werent able to teach in the night. We were at our pensionistas house for the night, and so I washed her dishes for something productive to do. Her husband was able to find another priesthood holder to give my companion a blessing. We werent able to get ahold of our zone leaders at all. I was a little irritated at them, but, what can you do. Lol.

I am definitely counting my blessings. Some things about the mission. A mission is not for the light hearted. You have to be committed to not giving up. If I had not made that decision beforehand, I might have gone home by now. Because whenever I think about wanting to go home, I think about my decision. "I am not going home until the end." This has helped me a LOT. The mission tries you in every way. Something my mission president told me a few weeks ago, is that if we dont try ourselves, or put ourselves in positions to grow, God will do it.   I believe it. We need to put ourselves out there so we can grow.

About some of our investigators, we had a baptism last saturday for a 10 year old girl, Milen. She is so cute, and loved having the discussions. She lives with her aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Her parents live in the states, but I dont know where, and I dont know when either. I think that would be really hard to be honest.
We have another investigator who is scared to go to church. At least I think so. She gave us every reason under the stars why she could go to church this sunday. We need to discover why.

This week we knocked on a door to contact a reference. We taught this lady, and she graciously let us in her home. She didnt have light in her home either. While we were teaching her, she started crying. I dont know why, but I felt the spirit in that room. I am glad that we knocked on her door when we did.

Well I think that is it for this week, thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH for all of your support. Send questions my way if needed, from anyone, and I wil be more than happy to respond.

Oh, I miss hamburgers. I just want a nice hamburger....hahaha.

Love you all!!

Hermana Heather

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