Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I am doing all right. My ankle hurts every now an again, and the first ankle likes to start swelling, so thats fun. I have been a little sick with a cold the past few days (ok, a lot) hahaha. And I finally remembered about the cold pills I brought. So I am on those currently. My psyche is alive. I have issues trying to say what I mean, and in spanish, sometimes i freak. Sometimes I understand a lot and other times I understand NOTHING. And it is hard to respond, because I dont have the right words. in english I like to use more pretty words, a littler ¨bigger¨ but I cant in spanish. It drives me NUTS. I am not sure how I feel about being gone for 3 months already... Often i feel like I am just going to go home tomorrow, or see you all soon. its kind of weird. But it is also good. I dont think about the length of time till I see you all again, because I get depressed. But when I think about it more in transfers (6 weeks) or differently, its ok. I feel like I am coming home soon!

We have one investigator named V, and she is 13 years old. She is so cute, and loves to read, and play volleyball. She is reading the book of mormon pretty fast. Right now we are preparing her to be baptized at the end of this month, the 28th.  In one of the prayers she said last week at the end of the lesson, she prayed that she could be a missionary too. So cute! Her mom is stubborn though. She wants her daughter to wait awhile before baptism, and doesnt want her to be a missionary, or wants her to put other things first. We are pretty sure she is not understanding the difference between being BAPTIZED and being a MISSIONARY. They are two TOTALLY different things. You dont HAVE to be a missionary. its a choice, not an obligation (for the girls at least). But V's mom will just talk and talk and talk and talk. She doesnt really let us say much. She is very loving and likes having us around. But she does most of the talking. Hahaha.

Hermana Heather

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