Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This week has been crazy. The beginning of last week was awful. Lets be honest. I was so trunkie (homesick, in a way) and honestly just wanted to come home. I wanted to be done. I hated it here. I had no idea why I was here, what I was doing. I cant speak the language, I cant teach, etc etc. These were some of the thoughts in my head while we would be walking to appointments and contacting. By Thursday, id had enough. I was done. I just started crying in the morning. Hna P sat me down in our room and made me tell her what was wrong. We talked for awhile, and she told me things I needed to hear. After that...I felt FREE. I FEEL FREE! And by the afternoon, I was jumping around, making jokes, etc. (I can do that, mostly because Im gringo I feel. Im already different). It feels GREAT. On friday, when we were contacting. There was a girl in our ward that came with us, and I talked to some guy. After, she told me my spanish is so good. Especially the pronunciation/accent. She said that I turn into a different person when speaking. It was a big compliment. Since then, Ive had other compliments about my spanish, that the accent/pronunciation is really good. Not short and choppy like other north americans. Its really nice.

I quite enjoy talking now, and I am starting to figure out how to understand spanish. Its not translating it in your head, its simply understanding. Like english. You dont translate english into other thoughts or pictures. You just understand. Its weird.

You all have thunderstorms?!? I LOVE those! And thats kind of funny nothing was working that day... ;)

Im glad Joe seems to be doing well. I hear from others he progressing rapidly. He can drive, and get around well. From what Ive heard at least. Lol.

Im getting to know Santa Isabel better, and the people too. Though its difficult to remember their names...They are different than north american names. And to add to it the accent? Phew.... its a challenge. Lol. I recognize the faces, so thats a good thing, right? We dont normally see the same people everyday. There are so many people here. Occasionally we will see someone from the ward, or an investigator, but not much. The food is ok. Im not too fond of rice, and I dont like the creamy stuff they have on potatoes sometimes. I dont think I will miss rice too much... The bread is really good though. And the sweets are amazing down here as well. YUMMM.

 Last friday, there was a relief society activity, and they made something called PICARONES (dont count on the spelling being correct). They are SSOOOOOO GGGOOOOOOOODDD. Its some time of dough, and then you fry it. A little similar to a doughnut, but not. And then some type of thin sauce on it, that I have no Idea how to describe the flavor (and you only need a little bit) was good.
 We have also had something called PAPAS RELLINAS. The way you make it is cook the potatoes, peel the potatoes, mash the potatoes, then you form them into the potato shape, and open it up and put a beef mixture in it and close it. Then you coat the outside with flour (or something like that) and fry it. OH MY HEAVENS!!!!!! They are absolutely fantastic! I really want to make these myself. They are so good!
 Another food that I like is a breakfast food, kind of similar to an oatmeal. Its called AVENA. I have no idea what exactly is in it, but it will often have some type of fruit flavor (apple, pineapple) I really like it.

I believe the package arrived! The zone leader told me last wednesday, but said that I couldnt have it until monday. ..... I wasnt very happy at him. He also told Hna M that she had a letter! And wouldnt get it until monday. .... So I need to track that package down. Thank you so much! (even though I have no idea whats in it right now) Im excited to read your letters too. And to have something physical. When you get the pictures of my brothers, do you think you could send some to me though snail mail? Just a request. Its difficult to take pictures with the camera and computer. It does weird things, and is hard to read/see sometimes.

Its starting to warm up some here. Though today is more rainy. I am so glad I feel so much better. Im sure it was your prayers. Keep them up! Haha, jk. but seriously... They really do help.

I love and miss you all so much! Have an excellent week!!!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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