Monday, August 19, 2013


I miss you all. A lot. When I read that you put my name on the prayer roll, I started crying to be honest. It has been a difficult week. Last Saturday (not this past, but the one before) I stepped wrong while walking, and a few hours later realized my ankle (left ankle) was swollen. I decided it wasnt good. I put deep blue and such on it and we all kept going. I would put my foot up when I could, but not very often. It kind of hurt, but was mostly annoying, and looked ugly (I didnt want cankles so early in life! haha). We called the mission presidents wife about wednesday, had a zone meeting thursday, and she decided it would be best to visit with the mission doctor (he is from the states, doctor Braumwell, orthopedic doctor). So I met with the Doctor on Friday, and he said that my ankle is sprained. I dont know how bad it is, but now I have an ankle brace and a cane! The cane is so I dont keep spraining it when I walk. More of a prevention. So It will be awhile before I am completely healed. It hurts some every once in awhile, but its bearable.

The language is rough, and whats worse, is that Hna P doesnt think Im trying. I dont always understand, and my reading the book of mormon in spanish is slow, because I am trying to dissect the words, then put them back together so that I understand each verse. I am not learning as quickly as my other North American companion. I really am trying, but learning has always been difficult for me... Anyways, its been a difficult week all around. Dont worry about my ankle though. I wasnt planning on telling you, but felt it was relevant, especially when you said you put my name on the prayer roll...thank you.

I really am different from the peruvians here. Everyone has black black hair, and dark skin, and brown/black eyes. I have more light brown hair, light skin, and blue blue eyes. Sometimes when we are talking to people (mostly the men) they  always look at me and tell me I have beautiful eyes. Its a little weird to me. Lol. Im not sure about the porcelain skin part, mostly because I dont understand everything the say. Hahaha
Generally I feel safe where we are. The manzanas (the mountain area) is not so safe at night. If we are there at night, it is because we are finishing an appointment there, and then we get out. I dont know exactly why, but Hna P says its "peligroso" I think the translating is "unsafe."

Ok, so I was in a lot of pain a few nights ago. My lower back was KILLING me, and some of my foot, and my head felt weird, and my latina comp wasnt happy with me. Anyways, I opened the letter from you to open when I am in pain, and I saw the picture of you me and cotton, I was like "are you kidding me?" I absolutely love that picture, and always wanted one of that one.

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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