Friday, July 5, 2013

Week Two at the CCM

I LOVE the peruvians here. Me and my comp will sit with them at mealtimes at talk with them. My favorite physical activity last week was playing soccer with the latinos. A lot of the time I would stay away from the latinos, because they kick HARD. And their footwork is UNBELIEVABLE! If Ben and Chris want to learn great footwork, watch peruvians play soccer! (or any other latino im sure) and play with them ;)
I have not really gotten homesick. I think a few nights ago I did just a little. I do miss you all, and I want to know whats going on with everyone, but I dont really get homesick at all (surprisingly). I am just really comfortable here, and the days are so packed and fly by.
Something I learned this past week: The Lord has given me SO MUCH, that now it is my turn to sacrifice a LITTLE of my time for him. I hope that makes sense, it makes sense in my head. ;)
Have I mentioned the cold? Yeah, the CCM president asked if we have coats/gloves/scarves... nope. No one going to lima has anything, because the packet said to bring LIGHT clothing. AWESOME! :/
Yesterday, 3rd of July, me and my comp had an AWESOME experience in a lesson. So we went in, and our investigator/our teacher wont let us speak spanish. He will just say he doesnt speak english (the teacher does a little, not a lot). We were going through, and the investigator said his dad died, and wondered if he would see him again/that he was having a lot of pain. My companion told a story in spanish about how a really good friend of hers died nine months ago from cancer, and was a really good person, but that she knows she is in heaven and will see her friend again. And then I was struggling through my testimony of praying and giving your pain to the Lord, and my teacher/investigator just said "teach in english." We were a little taken aback, but I bore my testimony in english (went much better than in spanish) and the spirit was strong, and both me and my comp were crying. We never got to the end of the lesson, because he told us to stop, and told us that he didnt know why, but he had felt like we had to teach in english. I feel like I learned that I know the lessons in english better than I thought I did. A WHOLE lot better than I thought I did. And it is ok to sometimes bear your testimony in english, because even if the investigator doesnt understand your words, the spirit can make it so, and they will understand everything you are saying.

Today, the kitchen staff celebrated the 4th of July. They had a buffet, and a flag cake, and a HUGE American Flag behind the servers. They all had flag headbands, and red and blue balloons were decorating the entire cafeteria. It was so neat, and so kind of them! The staff really enjoyed it, and were taking pictures of themselves. I think they enjoyed celebrating a little more than we did!

Have a good week! 3 more P-days to go!

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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