Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week Four at the CCM

Thanks for the Guniea Pig! I was wondering when I was going to gt one of those! ;) As of right now, I have heard that all you do at the immigration office is sit in a room, go to another room. Wait in a line, Sign a paper. Wait in another room. And leave. Its so dumb, because most of our district went yesterday, and then three of us have to go today, on our Pday, and we are not able to go to the temple. Also, the laundry was double booked this morning (scheduled from 6-7) and when I went in at 5:50 to put my load in (which I NEED to do my laundry) all of the machines were in use. And we arent allowed to do them outside of our slot. Two of my roommates were doing laundry, so I was able to put a few shirts in. So I will be wearing one of those later, wet or dry. Pray they are dry!

Guess what else! We have a roommate who is kind of thinking about getting scriptures, but it is hard for her to afford. She always goes quiet when the other roommates are talking about how much money they have/how much other people gave them. So I thought it would be a good idea for us all (me and the other four people in our room) to get her a triplet. Not like we all have much, but thats only about $6 from each of us. So she can have her own nice ones. This roommate lives in a small town in Montana (I think) called Colstrip. All the stories she has about that place....I never want to live there. The people are downright weird, and they have to take a 2 hour bus ride to get to school. And its called Colstrip because its a coal mining town. But it is spelled C-O-L-S-T-R-I-P. Oh dear....I am never ever ever going to live there. ;) And its sad, her family doesnt really email her either. She is SO awesome though. She is 22. I could probably give you her story, but I wont. Lol.

So last Saturday, we went procyliting (spelled wrong, I know) in the city. I dont now where we went, but it was nothing like I had ever seen. I was already a little sick from the drive there (traffic is INSANE here, mom, you would not survive the driving here, lol), and when we stepped out into the neighborhood, the smell was not pleasant. The roads are mostly dirt, there are so many dogs laying/walking around, and the houses are cement boxes about three stories high with unfinished third floors One of the men in the bishopbric told me they leave the third floor unfinished, because if it is not done, then they dont have to pay property taxes. They are trying to save as much money as possible. They have these courtyard spaces with locked gates, and then after that is a front door. They wouldnt really open the gates very much, they would have a small window/door they would open to see their eyes, and would talk to us through that.

Me and my companion were with a 16 year old native peruvian. The only thing I could ever say was that we are missionaries, and then the other people would say something, and the boy would have to respond back. He was really good, and will make a great missionary someday. But I cant understand an ounce of what people say. Especially if it is as fast as they speak. We talke to this old guy with groceries (the 16 year old did) and they argued for awhile about something, and me and my companion were confused, he kept saying something about the book of mormon, then smirked at the boy, and walked off. We found out afterwards that this old man was a STRONG catholic, and thought we only needed the bible. Me and my companion had the PERFECT scripture for this man, but we couldnt share it because A) he was gone, and B) we couldnt understand anything of what was going on. So not knowing the language is pretty hard. Its not fun not knowing what people are saying. So thats been a little bit of a deterrent for me. But I know that it will take a few months, so I have to stay positive! (Not TRY, but BE).

For Sundays, we are required to prepare a five minute talk (attempted in spanish) on the subject, and after the sacrement, they will call 2 elders and 2 sisters/hermanas to give their talk. There are so many people they have to choose from. So it is a struggle to enjoy the meeting until they have announced the speakers. Its really hard to prepare the talks, especially when all you have are pamphlets and the scripture. They encourage you to use ensigns and things, but I dont have any of those.

Well, just a week and a half, and I will be in the field! Im freaking out a bit. Because I am pretty sure that our mission is going to be in even poorer than the area we were in last week. It is so different, and I had no idea people lived like how they do...its definitely a shock to me. But Ive got this.
I love you all, and have a fantastic week!

Love Always,

Hermana Heather

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