Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week One at the CCM

The food here is REALLY good. I have rice for almost every lunch and dinner, and then I have egg and toast for breakfast. They say you need to try and eat all the food that you get because its rude if you dont eat it, but then they say not to gain weight so that our clothes dont fit us...we arent sure what to do yet. Hahaha. Conditions are ok. The showers like to switch from really hot to really cold while you are showering, kind of annoying, but it was what happened at home, so thats ok. It is REALLY cold here. Its the start of winter. and NO WHERE in the packet did it say to bring warm clothing. I couldnt find anything at the store either. I have resorted to taking my blanket to class with me, because one of the Hermanos will turn the temperature down to 66F. In the morning, you can feel the rain (more like mist at the edge of sprinklers). I think it feels nice. The past few days have been ok temperature wise though.

There are 11 hermanas in my district (one trio) and two elders. All the hermanas are going to lima north, and the elders are going to cochubumba (something like that) bolivia. There is an elder in my district who didnt know ANY spanish coming in, and we all feel like he is almost to the rest of our levels now. Which is awesome. He works really hard. The CCM (MTC) is very small. Today we went to the temple, and went to a store called Tottus (similar to a wal mart) and took the bus home. They will basically drop you off anywhere you want. The traffic is crazy here. If you want to cross the street, you just go. And blinkers are rarely used.
Me and my companion are basically opposite. Shes loud, im not, etc. But its a good combo I think. We get along pretty well.
Yesterday me and me compaƱera taught a lesson, and it was aweful. It was our third lesson to this "investigator" and he spoke very little english. And we had no idea what he was saying, what to teach, and how to answer his questions. And me and my companion were not together at all. She was laughing about it, but I took it all kind of hard.

We go to bed at 1030 and wake up at 630 (cant find the colon). I am always tired by at least noon. I will rest a little during personal study after lunch, and then I am good until I go to bed. My hair doesnt curl...It doesnt do anything really. I end up putting it up in a pony tale

Love Always,
Hermana Heather

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